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21:54:27 - 06/24/2024

AutoXray 10130 OBD 1 Review

What would it be worth to you to be able to diagnose
your vehicle just like the boys at the Chrysler garage.

I hear they now charge $150 just to hook your truck
up to there fancy diagnostic computer.

The AutoXray 10130 OBD 1 Scanner will do almost
everything they can do for the price of 1 visit to the
dealer. Price $140 with free UPS Ground shipping

This is a very reputable company located in Arizona
that I have dealt with many times quick and reliable.

What you get with the scanner.

The scanner, the Chrysler cable and a nice owners manual

What the scanner will do.

Pull trouble codes

Remove trouble codes without having to do a hard reset
The more mods you have the farther off the base program
the computer has and the longer it will take to tune in to
your mods, being able to remove the codes with the scanner
will allow you to go back to the learned parameters and not
having to learn all over again.

In my truck this is worth its weight in gold being stroked
ported custom cam it takes my truck 200 miles before
it even starts to run right and 300 to 500 miles to fully
adjust to all my mods.

You can scan the codes and read the data any time
no need to be hooked to the vehicle to read the data.


You can also monitor the data live while driving the vehicle
the cable is about 6' long allowing you to run it in to the
truck through a window and read all the sensors while driving

I am going to run the cable through my fire wall and have
it available any time. I will just need to buy a second cable

Capture mode

Intermittent problems are the hardest thing to find, this
feature allows you to capture 30 seconds of data before
and after the condition occurs. just have capture up
on the read out now step on the gas and hit the enter
button and it will record and save the data in 1 second
intervals. now you can read the data and find the

This scanner will also do GM, Ford, Toyota and many
more vehicles all you need is the right cable for the vehicle.

Easy to use

Just hit the power button, now hit the config button
scroll down find Chrysler, hit enter, pic the year enter,
pic the engine 8th digit in your vin code and hit enter.
Set metric or ASE and away you go.

Now it is ready to use, plug the cable in turn the scanner on
and turn your key on and your ready to scan and remove codes

To monitor live data just start the engine turn the scanner on
and hit MON and you will be seeing live sensor data as it

What it will read
Engine temp both voltage and temp in degree's
IAT Incoming air in volts and temp
in manifold temp and after an IAT relocation (see the diff in temp)
o2 closed or open loop
Oil pressure on 94 95
Batt temp and volts
Charge volts
Map sensor in volts and vacuum
Timing module advance
Injector trim
Injector pulse in mili seconds
Rich Lean conditions

And a lot more I cant remember everything.

This scanner will work on any Chrysler 1988 to 1995

My opinion, this is a must have tool for the enthusiast
and one nice piece of equipment for the price.

J&J Auto



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