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Friday - June 14, 2024
Members Only Board
  Members only board. Login to read and post.
General Dakota Board
  General discussion about Dodge Dakota trucks.
Dakota Performance
  Discussion pertaining to performance of the Dodge Dakota.
V8 Dakotas
  Whether you have the 5.2, 4.7, or 5.9 liter engine, this is the place to talk about them.
V6 Dakotas
  Discussion about Dakotas with V6 engines.
Custom Style
  Message Board to discuss the appearance of your Dodge Dakota. Any custom modifications to the looks and style are all on this board.
Custom Audio
  Message Board to discuss the custom installation of the sound system in your Dodge Dakota.
Off Road - Suspension
  Message Board dedicated to suspension issues about your Dodge Dakota. Check here if you have interest in Raised or Lowered Dakotas, or if you enjoy taking your beast out of the concrete jungle and into a place where 4X4s feel more comfortable.
Raised Dakotas
  Discussion about your raised Dodge Dakota and issues pertaining to it.
Lowered Dakotas
  Discussion about your lowered Dodge Dakota and issues pertaining to it.
Dealer, TSBs, and Recalls
  Dealer information, technical service bulletins, and recall notices issued for the Dodge Dakota.
  Frequently Asked Questions about using the message boards.

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