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Dodge Dakota Forum Recent Posts

12 hrs ago
General Forum - Ignition problem...
I have a 1996 Dodge Dakota that was running fine. One day it wouldn't start. I checked for spark and wasn't getting any. Changed coil, pl...
19 hrs ago
V6 Forum - Gas Mileage
I have a 2001 dakota sport 4x4 and the original shipping papers say it gets 18MPG hwy. Im getting 17mpg right now but alot of hills on the h...
Fred Doll
3 days ago
V6 Forum - cam/crank 96 v6 dakota
I need a good scope screen shot of the cam and crank sensor waveforms for a 1996 3.9 v6 Dodge Dakota. Somebody installed the wrong flex-pla...
3 days ago
V8 Forum - Overheating
You need to replace your coolant sensor.once the engine over heats one time that sensor goes bad and will continue to cause problems for...
John Tusha
4 days ago
I have a 1999 Dakota Sport R/T with V6 Magnum and I want to grease Bearings to see if Squeaking will Stop....
4 days ago
General Forum - check gauges light
My 2001 dodge Dakota check gages like stay. And my oil prssures stays at zero and its hard too turn someone's please help...
Nichole Alexa
5 days ago
Style Forum - Long Bed or Short Bed?
I have a 2nd gen Dakota QC and need to know if I can put a 69" bed on it instead of the original? I bought a replacement bed th...
5 days ago
General Forum - Oil Dipstick
anybody know the length of the dipstick length (oil) from where do you measure it from? 01 dakota 3.9 v6 slt...
David Guimond
6 days ago
V8 Forum - Diff. between 318 & 360
I have a 1993 Dakota V8 5.2L automatic with throttle body. The 2 forward rod bearings wore down and chewed the crankshaft. We removed ...
6 days ago
General Forum - How much HP/Torque in the 4.7?
i have a 2008 w/ 4.7 will a super chip of some typ really give it more performs ...
Dave Ralston
7 days ago
General Forum - No Power to Fuel Pump. HELP!
No power to fuel pump I replaced new crank sensor, new fuses and relays, new ECM, new fuel pump, and both fuse able links by the fuse ...
terry howard
1 week ago
Performance - OMG! My 4.7 is now smoking!
My dodge Dakota's 2000 4.7 smokes when truck is sitting still blue grey smoke is it absolutely my head Haley my oil pressure is always m...
john ulrich
1 week ago
General Forum - 93 dakota fuel gauge doesnt work
i have a 94 dodge Dakota my fuel gauge does not work ive changed the fuel pump and sending unit checked the fuses still nothing can any one ...
1 week ago
Raised Dakotas - largest tire size without a lift?
i have 265/65/17 on my 2005 dakota can i put 265/70/17 on it without any problems. ...

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