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Monday - September 01, 2014

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Dodge Dakota Forum Recent Posts

John Masselli
7 hrs ago
General Forum - Will 265/75 Tires fit
I have 265/70/16 on my 2002 Durango but I want them on my 2002 Dakota. Can anyone tell me if 265/70/16 would fit on my dakota without r...
2 days ago
V8 Forum - Overheating 2002 4.7
New radiator and cap 2k miles ago. Now its overheating again. The heater blows cold air and the overflow for the radiator is always f...
shane selhost
2 days ago
V6 Forum - 89 dakota wont start
it was not my timing it was the coil and the idle air control motor. runs great now. didn't even have to ride the bus...
Rod Szymanski
3 days ago
V8 Forum - 4.7L COMP CAM
3 days ago
V6 Forum - fuel guage not working 1992
put in new pump because gauge only worked when full now will not go past 1/4???????...
3 days ago
V8 Forum - 2002 quad cab 5.9
I just bought an 02 Dakota quad cab SLT 4x4 that has the 5.9 in it. They guys had ordered it that way i believe. I purchased it front th...
4 days ago
General Forum - Can't get hood latch to open!!
Your explanation may have seemed complicated and unclear, but once I looked more closely at the latch, I could see exactly what you mean...
5 days ago
V8 Forum - 2003 Dakota
Where is the air vent controller? Air suddenly decided to only come out of defrost...
willie smith
6 days ago
General Forum - AC Clutch, Power Locks & Horn
what a bunch of great guys out there. I have a 02 dakota 4 door, well my 4 electric locks quit working,for now I manually lock them and use ...
6 days ago
V6 Forum - 3.9L Engine Problems: Stalling/ missfire
i get a 89 dakota my truck is start but wen it cuts off it wudn start again. fuel pump doest cut on but it a brand new pump workin propery ...
6 days ago
V6 Forum - AC
my AC blows very cold for about 5-8 miles then starts blowing warm air.been told my compressor is there possibly more to it then the ...
6 days ago
Performance - exhaust
What muffler will vibrate windows as I drive down the street? ...
6 days ago
V8 Forum - no bus PCM failure!!!!!!
junk truck or buy new computer, your call....
Ben Wright
6 days ago
V6 Forum - 3.9 liter misfiring and stuttering
I have a 2001 3.9 liter dakota. I have been a lot of trouble with my truck. When I come Toma complete start the rpms drop below 500 and ...

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