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Dodge Dakota Forum Recent Posts

14 hrs ago
General Forum - '92 V6 3.9l longbed
Hi- getting ready to sell a 1992 Dakota and posting here to see if any of you know what it's worth. I have heard such trucks are getting rar...
Dakota Orsbor
1 week ago
165k miles just replaced b2s2 and b1s1 o2 sensores i got a cheap ultra power in the b1s1 spot and a NTK in the B2 S2 spot.i first repl...
1 week ago
V6 Forum - P0420
Well, you could go changing parts first, but I recommend you check the exhaust manifold for leaks first. These engines 3.7,4,7, are notoriou...
Arthur Bennet
1 week ago
V6 Forum - 98 3.9 tranny 42re
I need help I had the transmission rebuilt it didn't shift before and after ,changed the computer ,shift solenoid and pressure sensor I thin...
ethan sanchez
2 weeks ago
V6 Forum - overheating & cold.
i have a dodge Dakota 2001 v6 , turned on this morning and it overheated. checked on it & its COLD. what can be the problem?...
Mr. Fixit
2 weeks ago
V6 Forum - 1998 vacuum lines
It is called a 4x4 climate control valve. You should ask your local Dodge dealers. Also stop by an exhaust shop as you may well have d...
Arthur Bennet
2 weeks ago
I don't know anything about the speed problem, but I didn't know that a 5.2 would match up with a 3.9 and would there be computer problems, ...
Steve B
2 weeks ago
Recalls / TSBs - 4WD service light and a question
I have the 2005 Dodge Dakota the 3wd service light comes on every so often. Somtimes the 4low will start flashing going down the road. Last ...
2 weeks ago
Off Road - 00’ Dakota sport 4x4
I’m sure someone will have a answer to this. I’ve replaced my wheel hub assemblies twice now over the last 3 years. I do take my tru...
Doug Nokes
2 weeks ago
V8 Forum - 5.2L 318 Engine...
Why did they not center the motor in the frame?...
Daniel Jones
3 weeks ago
General Forum - Dead ECU? No charging
Check gauge light came on , needle dropped to off position,got home 5/ started right up and the needle came back up partially. S...
James Gordan
3 weeks ago
Recalls / TSBs - Pinion bearing adjustment 2003 Dodge Dec
How does a pinion bearing adjust on a 2003 rear differential on on a dodge Decoda torque or not I need to know how....
James Gordan
4 weeks ago
Recalls / TSBs - Pinion bearing adjustment 2003 Dodge Dec
How does a pinion bearing adjust on a 2003 rear differential on on a dodge Decoda torque or not I need to know how....
4 weeks ago
General Forum - 4.7 Coolant Flush
Do 4.7's have cylinder drain plugs? What do they look like? I thought that was a 4.0 thing only. Thanks....

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