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Dodge Dakota Forum Recent Posts

3 days ago
V8 Forum - Clutch or slave cylinder
Really need help... My 1999 Dakota lost reverse so we replaced the transmission, and clutch. Now when not started goes in gear just fin...
5 days ago
General Forum - Broken shock bolt
Just replaced the brakes on this one. Rotors still in good shape, very little grime/rust on any of the calipers or rotors, so just repl...
2 weeks ago
V8 Forum - 2006 dakota 4.7 won't go o er 2500 rpm
I have a 2006 dakota with a 4.7l v8. When it getts to 2500 rpms it cuts out until the rpms are below 2500 rpms again. I am getting a cam...
3 weeks ago
V6 Forum - what rpm do you shift at?
Mines n 04 i usually shift around 2500 in traffic but if im in a hurry its around 3000-3500...
R Hyde
3 weeks ago
V6 Forum - Swapping V8 for v6
Will a 97dakota 3.9 fit in a 2003 Dakota that had a 4.7? What would I have to change on the electronics...
3 weeks ago
V8 Forum - 4.7L knocking
I have a 4.7 that i drove without oil about 3 miles and it started knocking lightly but still drove. On my way to a mechanic the knock...
Road Rash
3 weeks ago
V8 Forum - 3.55 vs. 3.92 gear ratios
I put a used axle with 3.92 in. Now it's a completely different truck! MUCH easier on the 3.7L than the 3.55, and I can shut off the ov...
John roberts
4 weeks ago
V6 Forum - Engine starts stuttering at 4000 Rpm
My Dodge Dakota v 6 will start crapping out ( stuttering ) at 4000 Rpm when accelerating ¬ shifting into high or over drive ...
Debbie Kizzia
4 weeks ago
V6 Forum - 1993 Dodge Dakota popping nois
Have a 93 Dodge Dakota,When i mash my brakes my rear end pops. I think it's in my steering also but most definitely in the rea...
jim worrell
4 weeks ago
General Forum - under rail bedliner
Having a hard time finding one for my 2007 Dakota quad cab SLT. What brand do you have?...
richard h
1 month ago
V8 Forum - 2000 dakota 4.7
i have a 443 code have chages out the evap pupm presure switch and valve, still show code and runs very rich rough idle and surges, has ...
Road Rash
1 month ago
General Forum - Powertrax No-Slip vs Factory LSD
I posted this on a other thread, but this one is more centric to me: Have a 2004 Dakota 4x4 ext. cab, but someone put a Dakota SUV rear ...
Road Rash
1 month ago
V8 Forum - 3.55 vs. 3.92 gear ratios
Have a 2004 Dakota 4x4 ext. cab, but someone put a Dakota SUV rear end with 3.55 gears with no positrac or limited slip - (I guess that'...
1 month ago
V8 Forum - 2008 Dakota Laramie Transmission
My computer reads a gear ratio incorrect, I have a first second and reverse gears but no Drive. ...

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