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Saturday - September 23, 2017

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Dodge Dakota Forum Recent Posts

2 days ago
V8 Forum - Subject: Dead 4.7L, Easy Swap to 5.9L?
Im in the exact same 5.9 was just in a wreck this Friday. Have found another durango (4.7)that body is perfect. Everything in ...
Jared flewell
4 days ago
V6 Forum - 2002dakota
Swapping rear end out its a 3.55 ratio round cover style . Who much fluid and what weight do I use...
4 days ago
General Forum - Seat back recline problem
new to this forum, have an 04 CC dakota, had similar problems with only the drivers seat (it has a different reclining mechanism than th...
5 days ago
V6 Forum - P0545
I have a Haynes manual for your model year and there's no such code P0545 mentioned in the list of diagnostic codes nor is there any mention...
1 week ago
General Forum - Can't get hood latch to open!!
Thank you "disaster"!! The only post I found that allowed me to open the hood. I really appreciate it!...
1 week ago
V6 Forum - P0545
Hi all, I have a 98 dakota 2wd 3.9 v6 it has been stalling when i come to a stop (at stop signs corners while turning) I get a code of P...
barry l child
1 week ago
V8 Forum - Body Control Module
I have a 2006 dakota. there is no power to windshield washer.Windshield wipers and turn signals work fine. Dont know if these are relate...
2 weeks ago
V8 Forum - 4.7 falls on face
I have a 2000 QC 4x4 with a 4.7. It has recently started falling on its face. At first it seemed to be under load but last run it star...
Harold Smith
2 weeks ago
V8 Forum - How many miles is too many?
2002 Dodge Dakota sxt single cab v6 3.9 engine 2wd with almost 150,000 miles. Is that high mileage for the year....
2 weeks ago
V6 Forum - Air bag replacement
The airbag module's mount differently. My question is, can i use the 97 air bag module? Sorry, i ran out of room on the first pos...
2 weeks ago
V6 Forum - Air bag replacement
Here's a question for you guys, I'm rebuilding a 97 Dakota. Using a 99 Dakota parts truck. Neither of them habe been wrecked. I'm ...
2 weeks ago
General Forum - Ignition problem...
I recently changed out key lock cylinder and removed ignition switch to do so. Now engine does not turn over and behaves as if it is not i...
2 weeks ago
General Forum - What is a Passive anti-theft device
recently changed out key lock cylinder and removed ignition switch to do so. Now engine does not turn over and behaves as if it is not in...
2 weeks ago
General Forum - New Dakota?
Any news of a new midsize truck in the works?...

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