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Monday - April 27, 2015

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Dodge Dakota Forum Recent Posts

brian small
14 hrs ago
General Forum - Front Wheel Bearing/Hub Assy Replacement
i have everything taken apart on my 2000 dakota but the hub assembly will not release from the shaft , ive tried banging it and used a p...
Bill Beaver
1 day ago
V8 Forum - gauge cluster
none of my gauges will function except every once in awhile when the roads are wet they will kick in for a few seconds then shut off aga...
2 days ago
V6 Forum - charging problem
replaced the 140 amp alternator fuse. Will stay running now when u unhook battery ,but,gagues bounce all over unless the parking brake is de...
Harlow Wilcox
2 days ago
V8 Forum - Greetings friends
How are you today? With gas prices at near record highs, now is the time to replace ordinary worn out spark plugs with new Autolite ignition...
2 days ago
Off Road - Straight Axle Maybe?
I have the same year Aeromate and can't find a rear torsion axle. Can I replace the torsion with leaf springs? Are they on Grand Cara...
4 days ago
V6 Forum - 0-60 Times
98 Dodge Dakota 3.9 Stock V6 0-60 in 11.2 sec...
4 days ago
V6 Forum - check engine code p0455
I have a 2002 dakota r/t 5.9L and I'm getting a code po455 how do I get rid of it so I can get my truck in for an Etest?...
Pete Mack
4 days ago
V6 Forum - Won't turn over
I have a 2000 dodge dakota with a v-6 engine. When I turn the key, it just chatters like a bad battery. The battery has been tested and re...
5 days ago
V8 Forum - 92 V8 5.2 carb and fuel injected
I had similar problems with my 91 and after doing everything i could think of it turned out to be a clogged screen on the fuel pump in the t...
5 days ago
V8 Forum - 2002 4.7L Towing Question
Hello all. I've found some older posts regarding towing, but nothing that left me feeling comfortable with my exact question, so here ...
6 days ago
V6 Forum - Ignition Question
I bought a msd blaster 2 coil 8202 for my 3.9 can I wire it straight to the 2 wires that came from my stick coil? If you have any advi...
6 days ago
V6 Forum - no lights!
I had the same problem. Fuse is under the hood in the main box. Not labled as such. I changed them all, one at a time, until headli...
6 days ago
General Forum - Inner Tie Rods...
Do i need a tool to remove the inner tire rod off my 96 dodge Dakota ,have any one ever replace them on a 96 ...
6 days ago
V8 Forum - Stalls while driving
I have a 2006 Dakota 4x4 with a 4.7. I have a stalling problem also. It is intermittent and isn't coding anything. Only seems to be at low i...

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