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Tuesday - July 22, 2014

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Dodge Dakota Forum Recent Posts

John Russell
9 hrs ago
V6 Forum - 3.9 engine problems
The 1st thing to do is unplug the sensor, check for correct voltage. The second thing you do is unplug the sensor wire from the pcm.(compute...
2 days ago
V8 Forum - Power Steering
How did you bleed it? From the factory service manual: 1. Turn the wheel to the left and top off the reservoir. 2. Raise the front of...
2 days ago
V6 Forum - Need Help! Starts...then shuts off
I have a 1996 dodge ram 1500 3.9 changed fuel pump. Ignition coil crank sensor. Truck still wants to shut off no clue ...
2 days ago
V8 Forum - Power Steering
just installed a new power steering pump, works great when im sitting still turning the wheel. when i drive it cuts in and out randomly. i t...
2 days ago
General Forum - Emergency Brake
I just did the emergency brake pads on my 2004 dodge Dakota and after assembly they still would not work. I took them back apart and fou...
curtiss craig
3 days ago
General Forum - buying new doge withcab and a half
2016 Dakota decked out rhino bed cab ana half with no backdoors to open darkest window leagal in tx 4 cylander 45 mi to the gal hybried or f...
4 days ago
V8 Forum - Alternator Rebuild Kit?
Welfare alternator!...
4 days ago
V6 Forum - Symptoms after head gaskets replaced..
Junk that P.O.S., but before you do smash all the windows and kick in all the doors!...
4 days ago
V6 Forum - Symptoms after head gaskets replaced..
I'm not overly knowledgeable about engine repair, but I wanted to bounce my situation off of you guys and see what you think. I have ...
4 days ago
I have a 2007 Dakota, about a week ago the check engine light came on checked codes with obdII scanner and got back p0456 & p0457, both rela...
4 days ago
Raised Dakotas - Torsion Bar keys
I know theres a limit to how much of a suspension lift you can put in a dodge dakota sport v8 before you have to drop the torsion bars w...
Duke Duclos
5 days ago
General Forum - 2004 Quad Cab HD suspension
Recently purchased a 2004 Dakota Quad Cab 2wd V8 with tow pkg and heavy duty everything - the way I wanted it. Low 52,000 miles, Califi...
5 days ago
V6 Forum - oil pump removal
As it turned out the solution was as simple as changing the direction of the jack. The floor jack doesn't lift straight up but it pivot...
Destry w
6 days ago
V6 Forum - 0-60 times?
It is also a 3.9 magnum...

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