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Dodge Dakota Forum Recent Posts

Larry Tipton
3 days ago
V6 Forum - Maintenance Required Light
All the pages I read says the reset is behind the glove box but I sure don't find one. I have a 1992 Dakota. Please, this is driving me craz...
Barry Dodger
5 days ago
Raised Dakotas - 2WD Rear Axle/Springs
Will a rear leaf spring from a 2005 Dodge Dakota 2wd fit on the rear of a 2000 Dodge Dakota 2wd? Any considerations will be appreciated. ...
5 days ago
V8 Forum - 4.7L Oil Pressure Buildup
Hi all , I know this is an old thread, but i have been experiencing a slow oil pressure gauge since my last oil change in my 2004 Dako...
1 week ago
V6 Forum - 3.9 engine
will a 3.9 1988 dakota engine fit a 2003 dakota sport 4x4 that had a 3.9 engine...
2 weeks ago
V6 Forum - Dan's Beer Budget Front Brake Upgrade
@BeerHat et al, I found a copy of "Dan's Beer Budget Dakota BIG Brake Upgrade" on my computer circa 9/22/13. I don't have ...
2 weeks ago
V8 Forum - Rough Cold Start
Ande did you ever solve this issue...
2 weeks ago
V6 Forum - 1990 3.9L v6 hot engine low oil pressure
1990 Dodge Dakota 3.9L v6 Not even the mechanics can figure it out. Engine while hot/warmed up oil pressure likes to sit just above m...
Dave McCarthy
3 weeks ago
V6 Forum - Engine swap
Will a 4.7L engine fit into a 2005 Dodge Dakota Laramie which has a 3.7L and will the automatic transmission have to be replaced and wha...
3 weeks ago
V6 Forum - 1989Dakota swapping to 1990 318
1990 stamped on side of 318 , so is it an LA engine ? putting older style electronic distributor 4 bbl intake ,can the original coil wire g...
3 weeks ago
V6 Forum - Caliper pins - thread stripped
Should just wind in with the heli supplied tool and then you break off the tang. Should be easy. ...
3 weeks ago
V6 Forum - RE:knuckle stripped out of thread
I bought the heli coil kit and drilled out the knuckle to specks 3 drilling---1-21/64 2 11/32 3 3/8 ==taped with tap from heli coil kit , ...
Barry Merritt
3 weeks ago
General Forum - Hub nut size
Is the front hub of a 2000 dodge dakota a 36mm also? I'll be changing out the hubs in a few days and am now making tools list.....
Barry Merritt
3 weeks ago
V8 Forum - dakota vs. ranger
Will the front wheel bearings of a 2wd 2000 Ford ranger fit on a 2wd 2000 dodge dakota?...
Barry Merritt
3 weeks ago
V8 Forum - dakota vs. ranger
Will the front wheel bearings of a 2wd 2000 Ford ranger fit on a 2wd 2000 dodge dakota?...

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