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Tuesday - March 02, 2021

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Dodge Dakota Forum Recent Posts

Tyler Shoemaker
7 hrs ago
V8 Forum - Loose staring
I have a 1998 Dodge Dakota SLT v8 5.2L 4x4 and the tire rod ends are good ball joints are good the truck has slack in the steering colum...
John E Estes
10 hrs ago
V8 Forum - 99 Dakota V8
I just recently purchased a 99 Dakota with the V8 and cannot get the O2 System to register. Have had the truck for several months now an...
Luke Hyland
16 hrs ago
V8 Forum - Driveshaft fell off
I was driving down the road and my driveshaft fell off. So far the only damage I know if is the pinion shaft (I think that’s what it...
Brandon Whittington
5 days ago
General Forum - 06 camper shell
Does anyone know if a 1st gen camper shell will fit on a 3rd gen?...
John Watzka
5 days ago
V8 Forum - U-Bolt Plate
1999 Dakota. Need plate that axle u-bolt attaches to on rear leaf spring. MOPAR number is 55024582AB. I have searched extensively but...
1 week ago
V6 Forum - 2000 3.9 Dakota part ?
I have a 2000 Dakota with the 3.9 and I have what I hope is a simple part question. I am replacing the coil and the one I removed was ...
1 week ago
General Forum - 2006 Dakota Interior Water Leak
My 2008 leaks from the brake light assembly. Every couple years I take it off change the bulbs and silicone all around it. I couldn't ...
1 week ago
V8 Forum - Front ABS sensor passenger side
Just wanted to update in case anyone else is having same issue. It ended up being the rear wheel cylinders. The hanging abs sensor was...
Pull truck
1 week ago
Performance - Manual Rack & pinion For Gen II?
I have a 99 dakota 2wd that had 3.9 v-6 in it, i built it into a 2wd pull truck and with the v-8 motor sitting as far forward as i can g...
Don Hohn
3 weeks ago
General Forum - repair or replace bed side
I am looking for a right side 1/4 for my 05 Dakota 4 door it is a 5ft bed I would like to replace the hole 1/4 not a repair panel Does a...
3 weeks ago
V6 Forum - Bad trans or Trans Shift Solenoid
I’m having a similar issue with my 3.9L 4-speed auto. I’m aware of mine being a bad overdrive solenoid, so it takes a hot second to ...
e lambeth
3 weeks ago
V8 Forum - 1996 dodge trk/v6
1996 dod/dak/trk v6 new alternator with external by/pass vol/regulator due to faulty computer is causing excessive voltage one minute an...
3 weeks ago
V6 Forum - Bad trans or Trans Shift Solenoid
I’m having a similar issue with my 3.9L 4-speed auto. I’m aware of mine being a bad overdrive solenoid, so it takes a hot second to ...
3 weeks ago
General Forum - no dash lights or taillights
We recently changed the pull switch for my lights and had to get a new repair harness. After I left the lights on (I know...) we jumped ...

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