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Friday - September 17, 2021

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MESSAGE BOARDS are a great way to share information with other Dodge Dakota owners on the web. Each month, hundreds of thousands of people come to the message boards at to share their useful knowledge. The boards are now searchable so you can spend less time getting the help you need. There are two formats to the forums. There are member forums which you must be a MEMBER to post to and/or view. There are also open forums. The open forums are open for everyone to enjoy.

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Timing Chain and Tensioner
Painting Your Door Handles

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Dodge Dakota Forum Recent Posts

7 days ago
V6 Forum - 3.9L mileage
I have a Dodge Ram Van 3.9 1998 with 293 K miles on it and engine run A1… I take great care of that horse… can it last another 100K....
1 week ago
V6 Forum - 3.9 Mag Oil Pressure problem..
1998 SLT 2WD with 86,000 miles. I change oil every 3,000 with Castrol High mileage blend and a mopar filter. Oil pressure climbs to 50-...
Larry Walton
1 week ago
General Forum - Truck Tent
Does anyone still sell "tents" for a '98 Dodge Dakota Sport, 6' 6" bed. Thanks -LW...
2 weeks ago
Performance - Houston swap meet
Hey sellers, I have thousands of dollars of MOPAR parts. Anyone interested in selling them... 50/50. All used ... in good condition. Eve...
John DerGarab
2 weeks ago
General Forum - Passenger Side Water Leak: SOLVED
I know this is an old thread, but THANK YOU!. This windshield spacer leaking on my 2003 Dakota has plagued me for over 10 years. Only go...
3 weeks ago
General Forum - how much weight can you put in the bed?
I have a "Heavy" 1/2 ton Dodge, cargo capacity 1852 pounds. But 1500 pounds of slide in Camper put it on the bumps tops. I rep...
Mark koch
3 weeks ago
Lowered Dakotas - R/T 17x9 wheels
Anybody put 17x9 R/T wheel on 1992 Dakota 2wd? If so what size tire were used and also will this also work if truck lowered 2”? Thank...
3 weeks ago
General Forum - 2000 Dakota - Does PCM always have power
Hello, I have a parasitic drain. Is the PCM in the engine compartment supposed to always have power? key off, doors closed. Removi...
4 weeks ago
V8 Forum - Fram PH8a oil filter
I quit changing my oil years ago. I recommend you all do the same. Saves money....
henock clemen
4 weeks ago
Performance - Lease BG SBLC LC,Provider Protect Lessee With ICR
Dear Sir, I/We offer Bank Guarantee only on lease,there are two types of bank guarantee which are Direct Bank Guarantee and Indirect ...
1 month ago
Audio Forum - speakers don't work
I 98 dakota all of the speakers except the right rear speaker have gone out / don't work. Where /how would be the best way to start tryi...
1 month ago
General Forum - rusted frame by parking brake bracket
Hi -- The frame around the parking brake bracket near the left back wheel has RUSTED out. I haven't had an emergency/parking brake for a l...
1 month ago
V6 Forum - Emergency brake bracket
Hi -- The frame around the emergency brake bracket near the left back wheel has RUSTED out. I haven't had a brake for a long time. Rever...
William Bolto
1 month ago
V6 Forum - Electric fuel sensor
I have a part that connects into the fuel line before the gas goes to carb and it is electric can someone tell me what it is and how to ...

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