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Wednesday - September 03, 2014

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Dodge Dakota Forum Recent Posts

Tom K
3 hrs ago
V6 Forum - Dakota Ignition problems
Tom Sep 02 06:28 PM I have a 99 Dakota 3.9 liter with just over 200,000 miles on it. The truck was running well however it had a ...
Seth Clark
3 hrs ago
V8 Forum - engine swap
I was wondering if it was possible putting a 92 Dodge Dakota engine into a 04 Dakota (in place of the v8 magnum) ...
3 hrs ago
V6 Forum - '97 Tensioner Alignment
Just went and checked it out again, idler does seem to have a little bit of grinding when spun it doesn't sound smooth like the rest of ...
4 hrs ago
V6 Forum - '97 Tensioner Alignment
Easy fix turning into a headache. Please Help! Read a lot of other posts that have been very informative however I'm starting to lose p...
16 hrs ago
V6 Forum - Check Engine Code Po442 and PO455
I brought my 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan in to be smoked, check engine light on with code PO455, had leak detection pump replaced got car back ...
22 hrs ago
Members Only - Blower Motor
I've searched for an answer but I guess I didn't but in the right terms so here goes. I have a 2001 Dakota 3.9L 4X4 Sport Extended Cab. 62...
1 day ago
V8 Forum - no bus PCM failure!!!!!!
2001 Dakota quad cab 3.9. Same problem. No bus on odometer. Scan tool cannot communicate with PCM. Check 5v ref on crankshaft, MAF, TPS...
1 day ago
V8 Forum - no bus PCM failure!!!!!!
2001 Dakota quad cab 3.9. Same problem. No bus on odometer. Scan tool cannot communicate with PCM. Check 5v ref on crankshaft, MAF, TPS...
1 day ago
General Forum - tranny problems
i have a 1999 dodge dakota with 360 Mag. when i start it for the first time then put it in drive it holds first gear up to 3krpm then shifts...
Bryan Ellis
1 day ago
General Forum - 3.7 problems? Issues
I have a 2004 dodge Dakota and it's blowing white smoke out of the tail pipe on initial start for about 2 minutes. What could be the iss...
John Masselli
2 days ago
General Forum - Will 265/75 Tires fit
I have 265/70/16 on my 2002 Durango but I want them on my 2002 Dakota. Can anyone tell me if 265/70/16 would fit on my dakota without r...
3 days ago
V8 Forum - Overheating 2002 4.7
New radiator and cap 2k miles ago. Now its overheating again. The heater blows cold air and the overflow for the radiator is always f...
shane selhost
4 days ago
V6 Forum - 89 dakota wont start
it was not my timing it was the coil and the idle air control motor. runs great now. didn't even have to ride the bus...
Rod Szymanski
4 days ago
V8 Forum - 4.7L COMP CAM

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