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Monday - June 17, 2024

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You will be a registered member of the Dakota Forums. This will give you access to all the forums and keep others from using your name. Those who are members usually get more credibility and respect from other forum users.



In the middle of a repair and need quick technical info? Find a new problem with your truck and you're wondering if it's a job you can handle yourself instead of paying the $100/hour labor rate for a mechanic? Searching is the best way to achieve just that... INSTANTLY! You can run unlimited searches of over a million informative posts on the site. You can also post on older threads to get the additional information you need to complete the job.


Photo Albums

Wondering what certain products will look like on your truck? Looking for ideas on what toys to get next for your Dakota? To help, you get access to full sized photos of the thousands of Dakotas in the albums.



A thumbnail will appear at each of your posts which will link to your profile. You are able to change these thumbnail images whenever you want on your own by uploading them at



You may have your own web page with all the info about your truck along with a picture which you may change whenever you want by uploading them at:


More The price of membership helps with the cost of running the site. These costs include purchasing more and more powerful servers as well as upgrading to more bandwidth to serve you faster.

Full Site Access


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