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19:27:22 - 12/10/2018

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Subject: RE: 1992 Dakota 5.2 engine dies randomly
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hey guys, my name is james and i have aqquired the
same truck and had the same problem but as i am
dirt poor, i've had no ability to buy a new

i did however discover something that might help
alot of people out there, i took the engine
computer out of the truck, knocked it a couple
times to get the silicone surrounding on the board
to break loose from the casing, then i opened it
and checked some components inside.

there is a power circuit with a transformer and
two capacitors, the capacitors were both loose, so
i carefully removed some silicone from the area
under the capacitors and resoldered them, i know
it sounds like risky stuff, but if it don't stay
runnin, it can't get much worse anyhow, but i hope
this helps, chrysler did a bloody horrible job at
soldering just about everything on that damn
board and i did verify that both loose capacitors
had broken solder joints.

Dodge Dakota


RE: 1992 Dakota 5.2 engine dies randomly
IP: Logged

My 95 Dakota 5.2 started randomly shutting down just as described above. We tested coil and ASD relay; replaced spark plug wires, crank position sensor, camshaft sensor (aka distr pick-up), throttle position sensor (one by one), and still had random shut-downs while driving down the road.
Then I noticed sometimes when turning the key to start position, nothing would happen; turn the key back, crank again and it would always fire up. I replaced the ignition switch and (knock on wood) have had no random shut-downs for a couple of months. Note we had already previously fixed the 3-wire connection under the fuse box under the hood.
FWIW! This has been a bear of a problem, hope my solution -if that's what it is!- can help someone in the future!

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