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00:56:29 - 07/21/2024

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Subject: MBRP has made me smile
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I hooked up my MBRP catback about 10 days ago (200 miles), and I absolutely love the results. I have had enough exhaust systems in the past to be able to tell the difference between sound and performance. I don't have the money to get my truck dyno'd every time I do a mod, but I know it added a fair amount of HP & torque. I went with the S4028, dual 2 1/2" exit. I didn't lose anything that I can recognize. It goes nicely with my Z-tube, and I can't wait until I get the HO cams and a larger TB. I was worried about low-end tq loss, but I am pleased to say that it feels like I actually gained- and I know I gained in the 3500-5500 rpm range. It is a little louder than what I wanted, but it is an incredible sound. If you want a deep, DEEP sound that doesn't sound ratty or cheap, this is the catback. I bought it from John Mercedes at He had the best price by $50 that I could find. Thanks, John!

Just thought you all might like to know.

P.S. bolt-on does not necessarily mean you can do it without a torch or lift. I gave up and went to Midas. They charged me $75 to cut off the old system, and put on the new one. They had to weld on new hangers, cause the ones supplied wouldn't work near the exit pipes.

'02 QC 4.7 auto 4x4 w/ 3.55's, Z-tube, 180 stat, 3923's, and now MBRP catback.

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