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11:22:03 - 06/22/2018

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Subject: RE: Important info HO cam & intake owners
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Hi to all , I know this topic might be old , but trying to find info on this thing is somewhat as hard to find like teeth on a chook ! I have a jeep overland 4,7 HO , the engine is worn , I would like to exchange a standard 4.7 into it , BUT the standard block does not have the knock sensors at all , where the HO has two , the place where they sit is under the intake manifold , but do not have the holes drilled or threaded for this , could someone please be kind to me and tell me what size holes I need to drill and size thread I need to tap ? unless there is another place I can put the knock sensors ? the standard engine (4.7) does not have them at all BUT they do have the area to drill and tap them into . the engine in it now is a 2002 HO, with a standard bottom end, runs fine with no error codes , but bores are worn , the standard engine is out of a 2001 build grand Cherokee limited, if I leave out the sensors I will get error codes up with the MIL light on that's for sure ,if I could get the size I need to drill and tap before I start to pull apart would save me a lot of walking time .
for knock sensors tell the PCM when something is not running right , (miss, or clang or knock) then it retards the engine till the problem is fixed, on standard 4.7 there are no knock sensors , can someone please help here ? save me the moan and groan of walking miles ?

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