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09:56:55 - 05/24/2024

V8 Dakotas
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Subject: 98 Dakota SLT v8 Issues
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Thinking I made a mistake buying this truck. I knew it ran rough but jeez...So
here is my issue. Previous owner removed the cat, o2 sensors are still in the
exhaust. Starts up just fine and runs fine for a bit. After 10-15 minutes (warm
up) it starts to bog down when accelerating at any speed. If I floor the
accelerator then it usually clears up but then starts to bog down again shortly

So far I've cleaned the throttle body and IAC sensor, replaced the MAP sensor,
checked/cleaned the TPS, and put in a new battery. No check engine light and no

Previous owner claimed to have replaced alternator, spark plugs and wires,
rotor and cap, crank position sensor.

Also noticed a whitish residue around the injectors, leaks maybe? Any thoughts?

This issue is very consistent. Without fail after 10-15 minutes of normal
driving it will start to bog down.

Just ordered some new parts: IAC and TPS sensor, injectors, and a catalytic
converter. Crossing my fingers one of those fixes the problem.

Dodge Dakota


RE: 98 Dakota SLT v8 Issues
IP: Logged

Hey man, 98 SLT here as well. You’ve got the same issue as me…

Sounds like the dreaded intake plenum leak. Bogs, pops and
bangs and then boom back to normal. Surprising you don’t have
any check codes but who knows. One way you can really
determine if it’s the plenum is by popping off the throttle body and
inspecting the intake runners for excess amounts of oil coverage.

Knew mine was bad because the oil pressure would constantly
smack 0 PSI and then jump back up to 45 PSI. The oil pressure
sensors sits somewhere on the back of the manifold.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the problem BUT if you haven’t, it’s a bit
of a job. It’s on plenty of forums, probably here even. If you do go
ahead and replace it (I would), shy away from the felpro
replacement and just spend the extra hundred on the Hugh’s
Aluminum plenum plate and gasket. Heard you’ll never have the
problem again.

Also wouldn’t kick yourself for replacing all those sensors. They
probably needed it. Keep the old ones just in case the new
chinesium units take a dump, though.

Anyways, good luck. I’ve got my plenum kit on back order!

Andrew Aceved
Dodge Dakota


RE: 98 Dakota SLT v8 Issues
IP: Logged

my dodge has popped code p1733 p0765 p0731 po755
light is on

   P 1

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