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22:41:27 - 12/03/2023

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Subject: Helping out my elderly dad
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I appreciate any info.

After my Navy career and another 20+ years in San
Diego, I've moved back to my Midwest hometown to
be closer to my elderly dad. He has a 1991 Dakota
w/V-8 that we have to use to drive him to his Dr.
appointments and such, because he can't get up
into my Tacoma PreRunner.

I'm probably going to be doing a bit of work on
this Dakota to keep it running, fix the A/C, etc.
He still drives to get groceries and meds, but may
not be for much longer due to eyesight problems.
Last night he told me his headlights don't work.
Said he's been using dims only for years because
high beams caused ALL lights to go out. He's got
very limited income with SS and a small pension,
and I've already been helping him financially too.

Been researching a replacement switch and I see
some terms I'm not familiar with. What are pulse
wipers vs. Intermittent vs. delay wipers? How do I
tell which ones his truck has? I don't want to
give too much info here, but it won't do me any
good to ask my dad.

I am considering buying another smaller car that I
can use for errands and just sell his truck when
he can't drive anymore, while it is still running.

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