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00:59:05 - 05/19/2022

V8 Dakotas
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Subject: Gears disappear after driving 10 minutes
IP: Logged

Hiya I have a 94 Dakota and today I
started driving and after about 10 minutes
after a stop at a light all gears went
even after trying to roll through all of
em. No sounds, dash lights, irregular
sounds or recent fixes/changes. After I
crawled away from the light, turned off
the vehicle and started it again the gears
were there but only for a minute then it
went back to what seems like neutral.
Engines running but has not indication of
transmission engaging. After another brief
stop to call a tow and diagnose the gears
will still engage after ignition briefly
then nothing. Color of fluid looks okay
and doesn't smell acrid and good level.
I'm thinking transmisson shift solenoid
may be dying or maybe a block in my
cooling lines. Any help would be
appreciated. Gonna pull my pan to see if
there is anything nefarious there as well
as test my solenoid

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