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21:13:14 - 12/07/2023

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Subject: Gauge Cluster & multiple items not worki
IP: Logged

I have a 2007 Dakota with the 4.7 flex
fuel engine. Today I had an issue with
the gauge cluster not working after
getting tires which I doubt is related
to this issue. The headlights, wipers,
horn, turn signals and door dinger
also are not working. The radio and
hvac still come on, but the radio will
stay on agter the key has been removed
and deiver door is opened. I did not
try 4wd to see if it worked or not as
nothing comes on on the instrument
cluster. I wiggled the wires and
connections down on the floor on the
left hand side and it started working
again. I turned the truck off after
going to town, and when I got back in
and the cluster was dead again. I
wiggled the connectors and wires again
but could not get anything to work
again. What are some places and things
to start checking? Any help is much

Edit to add: Yhe headlights and
taillights come on but will not go to
high beams and the fog lights will not
come on. They will come on when the
key is on, and when I turn the key to
start they will go off but come back
on when the vehicle has started.

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