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00:43:22 - 09/27/2021

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Subject: Failed Emissions
IP: Logged

Hi, I own a 1994 Dodge Dakota SLT 5.2 L
Automatic. It passed emissions in July,
2020. I then bought it in December, and as
a new owner, I needed an updated
Emissions. I've now had it through
emissions 5 times, and it's failed every
time with high HC (1.9, max 1.6) and high
Nox (4.9, max 3.0). I've changed the dist
cap, rotor, wires, plugs (plugs were tan,
in good shape), egr valve, catalytic
converter (magnaflow), thermostat (oem
195), and performed decarb to intake and
egr passages. The truck seems to be
running great (though it did develope
somewhat of a rough idle after the dist
cap was replaced, but this was around the
same time I ran a fuel injector cleaner
through too - the new cap, rotor and wires
were all quadruple inspected and look good
and are on correctly). I really like this
truck, but I'm lost. Anybody have any
thoughts?? Thanks in advance.

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