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14:42:04 - 04/19/2021

V8 Dakotas
Jack Rolfe
Dodge Dakota


Subject: Identifying my 1993 Dakota model
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Hello all!!! Today I got curious on which exact model my 1993
dodge Dakota is and I tried looking around the internet and
couldn’t figure it out. I know it has a V8 engine and I has an
automatic transmission as well as small back seats even
though it’s only a two door, which I think is called a Quad cap if
I’m not mistaken. If is also green with a tan stripe and I’m not
sure if the green with tan stripe was a stock option or the stripe
was put on. Is there somewhere I can check to see what type
of engine it has? I just want to learn more about the exact
model my truck is. I got it from my grandpa so I didn’t buy it
nor do I have the manual. Thanks!

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