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09:27:37 - 04/23/2021

V8 Dakotas
Dodge Dakota


Subject: Engine Smoking
IP: Logged

I was running errands all morning and the truck ran smooth as ever
(probably an hour worth of driving/stopping/starting). Then out of the
blue I started my 2007 V8 Dodge Dakota and heard a clunk sound
from the engine compartment on the right (passenger) side and the
truck started running very rough and wanted to stall. A gas light
flickered and so i went 3 minutes to the gas station and put 15
gallons in (so it was close to empty), looked under the hood to see
what i could and nothing was visibly out of order. Started the truck
and made it home (about 5 minutes of driving. When i got home i
popped the hood to see if i could see anything and smoke was
coming from the left (passenger) side of the engine. I turned off the
truck, waited for it to cool and checked the oil and water, which were
both right where they should be and clean. There is no liquid under
the vehicle, so no leaks. The check engine light is on but i will have to
borrow a reader from somewhere as i am not going to drive it till i get
this figured out. Any ideas?

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