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09:52:26 - 10/29/2020

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Subject: 97 Dakota Starts, Runs 2 seconds, Stalls
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I've got a 1997 Dakota, 5.2L, Auto, 2WD, with no security (does have keyless entry) and the PCM needed replacing.
I've replaced three PCM's from ebay which were supposedly all non security and for all three, she starts, runs and dies 2 seconds later leaving me to believe the PCMs had security enabled. When it dies its loosing the injector signal. Also, I've tested everything, ASD relay, Fuel pump & pressure, IAC, MAP, TPS, Coolant sensor, oil pressure sensor, Crankshaft and camshaft sensors, Battery, Alternator, grounds, fuses.... and I get no codes. I don't have access to a scanner either.
All PCM's have been same part number with one being exact match and two had last two letters different. P56040382AC & AD. 97's I believe are for that year only.
Before I go for a fourth PCM try, I want to make sure I'm going down the right path.
This is where I'm unsure...

I've read that the CTM manages security and communicates with the PCM. Could I have screwed up the CTM by installing security enabled PCM's?
Should I go with another non security PCM? I've found one in an out of state junkyard (VIN 1B7GL23Y8VS155183, my truck vin is 1B7GL23Y5VS203030) Only option that replacement truck has that is different is it doesnt have Keyless Entry option.
Does the PCM have to be programmed with the VIN? Does it have to match the CTM?

I know this is a long read but I've been without my truck for 2 months! If it wasnt for having to shelter at home, I would be in real trouble.
Thanks in advance!

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