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00:42:45 - 03/30/2020

V8 Dakotas
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Subject: Code P0700
IP: Logged

A 2000, 4.7L. Googling around I haven't been
able to tell much, it isn't accompanied by
another code like many people are saying it
should be since it is general. I only just got
the truck a couple weeks ago and it wasn't
having the issue at the time, but it needs to
be inspected so I need to get the code cleared
(and more importantly fix this issue).

The truck is slipping out of reverse, it has
only happened 3 times now but I'm also not
reversing all the time. It has not had this
issue in drive.

It was originally just showing a code for the
crankshaft sensor so I replaced that, the check
engine light didn't go off for the sensor and
was now showing 3 codes, with the other 2
relating to the exhaust which does have a large
leak I'm fixing. I scanned again and it showed
no codes yet the light stayed on, so I tried
using the built-in reader by turning the key 3
times, and got just P0700 and that's where I'm
at now. I've checked the fluid and it's fine,
the right amount and a good red color. Sorry
for the long post with little info, any
suggestions would be appreciated.

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