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17:06:26 - 11/18/2019

V8 Dakotas
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Subject: Front clunking noises over bumps
IP: Logged

Many owner complaints have been discussed regarding front
clunking noises, especially steering related, re the tie rod
ends, upper and lower ball joints, and steering linkage bits and
pieces. Some owners have even found loose or missing bolts
and hardware. But what about clunking noises NOT related to
ANY of those issues? My 2008 TRX extended cab 4.7 AWD
dakota had serious (sounded as if metel on metal broken
parts) clunking, mostly only upon driving through deep
ruts/deep pot holes, uneven fields or similar. None of the
above listed complaint areas were bad, but upon placing
blocks by the drivers door side, and levering the frame up and
down with a long 4x6 post, i could simulate the wheel travel
under dip conditions, getting the noise to reappear. The
swaybar links (posts that come up from each lower control
arm) were moving internally, making the clunking metal to
metal noise. There is a cheap fix, from MOOG. p/n’s are,
K7466 stab bushing set, K750263 stab link repair kit, 2 ea
required, a greaseable new link that fixes the exact problem
with the old oem parts.

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