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06:20:28 - 04/22/2019

V8 Dakotas
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Subject: Truck will start then die after a second
IP: Logged

I have an 04 dodge dakota quad cab 4.7
liter 4WD. The truck starts fine most of
the time but if I drive it for a while
turn it off then go to turn it back on it
dies after a couple of seconds. If I spray
enough ether in the cold air intake it
will start but roughly. I don't want to
have to keep doing this because it's
annoying as crap and im sure that it will
eventually screw something up. Also it
should be noted that my keyless entry
stopped working. I replaced the keyless
entry and had it programmed. Then that one
which I bought from the dealership stopped
working. I took it to the dodge dealership
they said they could communicate with the
CTM it but couldn't program the keyless
entry. I then bought a used CTM online and
the couldn't communicate with it at all. I
don't know if I have to program the CTM or
if its the wrong part or just junk. The
reason I mention this is because in the
owners manual it says that if the computer
doesn't recognize a "sentry" key the truck
will start but then shut off after a
couple of seconds, sounds like the two
problems might be related the only
troubling thing is that I don't have a
"sentry" key. I just have a regular old
key and a seperate remote keyless entry.
Any ideas on what the problem is and how
to fix it.

Rick Weese
Dodge Dakota


RE: Truck will start then die after a second
IP: Logged

I was gonna ask about your security system. If you
are manually unlocking a door when you have
keyless entry, you can get this situation... don't
know how the ether thing works though: unless the
anti theft thing works by cutting fuel supply.

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