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12:52:40 - 06/24/2018

V8 Dakotas
John Hance
Dodge Dakota


Subject: 2002 Dakota R/T Door Lock issues
IP: Logged

I just bought this truck, and I'm noticing some
electrical issues. First, the truck didn't come
with the key-less entry remotes so I didn't even
realize it has an alarm until I accidentally set
it off. The power door locks don't work when I
use the switch. I can hear a small click, but
nothing happens to the locks. It does, however,
set the alarm to armed, since the horn begins
honking when the door is opened after pushing
"lock" and shutting the door. It neither locks
nor unlocks when I use the switch; I have to
actuate the locks manually each time.

Next, there's a small clicking sound from
somewhere in the direction of the instrument
panel/dash while I'm driving down the road. It
happens fairly frequently, and I noticed that
the little "circle" around the "D" (which
indicates that I'm in "Drive" at the time) also
turns off/on with each click - but not the "D"
itself or any other dash lights. This activity
is also often (though not always) accompanied by
the headlights quickly turning off and back on
with each click, as well as the
interior/cab/reading lights in sync with the

Now, I've read through a bunch of old
posts/threads in search of answers, and I think
the data I've gleaned seems to indicate that I
may find resolution by getting a replacement
CTM. Where I fall flat and require expert help
is in understanding if I've reached the right
conclusion about the diagnosis of my problems.
Is there something else which may explain these
symptoms? Perhaps the symptoms aren't related
after all? Please help. I trust that this forum
is the best in terms of helpful people willing
to donate their time and experience, and I thank
you in advance for any help y'all might give!

John Hance
Dodge Dakota


RE: 2002 Dakota R/T Door Lock issues
IP: Logged

2 solid days with no reply. Perhaps this isn't the
best forum to get my question answered... Crap!

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