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23:47:17 - 04/25/2018

V8 Dakotas
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Subject: 95 dakota no spark 5.2l
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I read through this thread so far and hadnt seen anything helpful so far.

I have a 95 dodge dakota SLT. 5.2L v8.

Last july it ran fine, i think the tach may have quit reading engine RPM, but i didnt think much of it because i got a fuel, and then a volt gauge quit working on me.

Then one day it wouldnt start. So i researched.....

Replaced the coil
Replaced the crank position censor (boy that sucked)
Replaced the pickup coil under the distributor (camshaft position censor)

Still not working. I am getting fuel. I can hear the pump and i can smell it when i turn it over too long.

Went on to check to see if the rotor was turning. Its fine.
Fuses are fine.
The notorious splice is fine. It was soldered and taped up seperate then the outer wrap.

I got one of those test spark plugs with the gator clip on it, tested the wire coming off the coil and no spark.

I'm quite stumped and really dont want to take it to a shop, but afraid im going to have to.

I thought about possibly checking more of the wiring harness, but it seems a bit pointless. All my fuses in the box are hot, and the ASD relay seems to be fine, i swapped it out with the A/C relay to test it, still nothing.

As for the codes, they really didnt tell me anything. Is there some type of scan tool i can use rather then checking codes through the dash? They seem hard to distinguish to me.

What else could it be?

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RE: 95 dakota no spark 5.2l
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Okay; you said you replaced the coil. Make sure there is power to the positive wire when the key is on and you didn't accidentally connect the new coil incorrectly. If you don't have power to the coil + or it is hooked up backward, both will prevent spark. If you don't have power to the coil, then you test by putting a jumper wire from the battery positive to the coil positive to see if this gives you spark and or starts. Just don't leave it connected for more than a few minutes or you could overheat the coil. It might be loaded with fuel if you have been cranking it a lot to test. If so, you can pull the fuel pump relay or fuse to help it clean out. If you don't have power to the coil, it could be wiring issues or the ignition switch electrical part (not key lock cylinder) they are separate. I had a similar issue with my 89 Dakota and it was a wire terminal corroded off where it connected to a relay box on the left fender well right above the wheel opening. I hope this information helps you solve your problem. A scan tool won't help if it hasn't set a code.

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RE: 95 dakota no spark 5.2l
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Do a wiggle test on the crank sensor pigtail. I have a 93 Dakota 5.2 motor run like crap wiggle the wire harness a little run good till vibration broke the connections in the harness again. Also check the main plug on the fire wall that ties the engine harness and and pdc together mine came lose just enough to stop the motor from starting. Pushed them back together tight and boom I had it goin again. I've ran into almost every sensor and pigtail and harness problem on these trucks that you can think of everything from the splices to each pigtail breaking connection.

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