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07:16:42 - 06/20/2018

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Subject: Coolant Cap Spouting
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I have a 5.9l 2002 Dakota. I had the gaskets,
the thermostat, the hose leading from the
engine/thermostat to the overflow, and the cap on
the hose to the thermostat/overflow all replaced.
I am still having the cap spout coolant all over
the engine, especially when taking the truck
close to or over 3k rpm. The temperature gauge is
not haywire and seems to operate the same as my
second car which has no issues. I checked the
engine with a black light to if there are any
other possible coolant leaks elsewhere in the
engine (it glows in UV). The main issue is the
leak from the cap of the hose and is left with
white smoke steaming from the cap after the
coolant stops overflowing. Any ideas what cold be
causing the overflow/coolant spouting? Thanks in

Dodge Dakota


RE: Coolant Cap Spouting
IP: Logged

If you replaced the thermo, and the gasket. I would make sure it was installed facing the correct way. I had major problem with the fail safe thermos they are junk. So if you bought on of them I would change it ASAP. If none applies to your truck. I would check for a head gasket leak. Even a small leak will cause gases into the cooling system. Things to look for and test. First check the oil for film white in color. You can rent an cooling system pressure tester from you local parts store. pressurize it to the factory pressure. usually around 15psi. leave it pressurized for 30 or longer. if pressure decreased you have a cooling system leak. lastly pull the spark plugs and look for signs of coolant by gauging the color. Most repair manuals have pictures of plugs and know issues that cause the color and other plug issues. Some aftermarket Radiator caps don't seal correctly. Try a factory mopar part.

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