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23:42:37 - 04/25/2018

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J. Cast
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Subject: Flickering Hi beam
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I have a 2002 4.7 lt eng dodge Dakota quad cab with 79,000 miles the hi beam light started flickering between hi and low beam mostly staying low beam, behind a shiny tail gate of a truck I put the hi beam lights and the driver side light went out so I figured burnt hi beam filament on the hi beam bulb, put a new bulb and still nothing the same, did some internet search and the CTM on the drivers side kick pnl could be the cause so I went to a local junk yard and found one for $50 dlls came home disconnected the battery both neg/pos terminals and changed the CTM put everthing kind of back together and tested the lights and the hi beam lights worked both sides hi and low beams problem solved NOT as I put it back together I tried to crank the truck and the dash panel is completely dead no lights nothing as if I had a dead battery put the old CTM and still nothing fixed one problem and created another one, went to return the ctm from junk yard and they told me that it needed to be programmed after I told them what it was doing and this guy in town wanted 120.00 dlls to program it but wouldn't guarantee it so I decided not to do it any one have any ideas/advice, Thanks

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