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23:11:16 - 04/26/2018

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Subject: Stalls while driving
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Help, my 2006 Dodge Dakota has been stalling for about a month now. While I am driving all of a sudden the engine light pops on and the truck is completely dead. I coast to the side of the road put it in park and restart it and it starts right up and the light remains on. I have brought it to the Dodge dealer (5 times) this is what they have done to it so far the first time a tune up, the second time a new map sensor, the third time another new map sensor, the fourth time a fuel injection cleaning and now they want to install a new PCM. With or without the engine light on the truck runs perfect, except for the stalling. On a couple of occasions when I can to a stop light I stepped on the gas and it took a few seconds before it went? They tell me there is no way its the fuel filter because it is a sock in the tank. If the dealer cant figure it out - who can???? Sorry, very frustrated.

Bob Perkins
Dodge Dakota


RE: Stalls while driving
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seems like the fuel pump is on its last legs, ..maybe even the fuel pump relay flaking out.

Fred Oberdorf
Dodge Dakota


RE: Stalls while driving
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My 2000 Dakota 4.7 4wd does the same thing.
Although At times with I come to a stop it will
want to stall. If I let off on the brake and allow
the engine to idle, or put it in neutral it will
not do it. It does not like to accelerate quickly
and on rare occasions it will stall when I'm
slowing down. Any ideas on what it could be? I did
change the plugs and it doesn't seem to help. It
used to happen only when the engine was cold, now
all the time.

Greg Henson
Dodge Dakota


RE: Stalls while driving
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I have a 2006 Dakota 4.7, when it's cold and come to a stop, it
will die or the idle goes down then comes up sometimes
lunging the vehicle forward. Been doing a while. Changed
plugs no change. Was told may be an idle control piece. Not
sure. Any help please.

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RE: Stalls while driving
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Greg Henson: does yours also make a ratchety sound, sometimes like a good old-fashioned "Braaack!!" burp? And when it warms up, it seems to do fine?

Dodge Dakota


RE: Stalls while driving
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I have a 2006 Dakota 4x4 with a 4.7. I have a stalling problem also. It is intermittent and isn't coding anything. Only seems to be at low idle after stop. I am going to put a cam position sensor in and see if that helps. Any thoughts?

Dodge Dakota


RE: Stalls while driving
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I have the same problem, but i know what it is after
a month, I also change the battery cables and
terminals, they told me that can be the fuel pump,
alternator, and few other thing, the problem is the
PCM or the wires that connects the PCM, after the
engine goes dead, i just go down, and move the wires
that connects the pcm and starts right away. If
anybody has that problem try moving the wires that
connects the pcm, you'll see.

Dodge Dakota


RE: Stalls while driving
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Any resolution to this? I have the same problem. Can't find
anything wrong with it.

Fred Peterson
Dodge Dakota


RE: Stalls while driving
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I have a 1996 Dakota 3.9 with 258000 miles and
still all original internal components. I have had
misfiring issues, trans shift issues, ghost radio
issue, horn issues headlight issues, gauge issues.
I have been chasing these problems for years on my
truck. After replacing many sensors with no
resolution I found a couple of simple things to
check yourself.

First to address the problem of dying when coming
to a stop:
This will most likely be the IAC positioning to
maintain the idle while stopped, in gear or not,
with AC on or off. The IAC adjusts for the load on
the engine. Simply remove the 2 torx 20 screws and
clean the tip of the IAC with carb cleaner and
wire brush. Then clean inside the hole with carb
cleaner and a rag using a screwdriver to turn the
rag and clean the seat for the IAC. Also on my
intake on the passenger side I found a vacuum
nipple with a hose not connected to anything and
the vacuum diagram showed it plugged. This will
affect the idle if you have a vacuum leak as the
IAC will not position properly due to the leak.

OK next for the issue of random dying, no codes
and a variety of sensors being pointed at:
Think about this; every sensor has to have power
and ground to work properly. Many sensors have a
third wire which sends a signal to the computer to
control the engine. If you have a ground problem
you will have a never ending variety of codes that
will point to a sensor or the signal of that
sensor not being correct and you may or may not
set a code depending on the ground path at that

No cost solution: Look around the engine
compartment starting at the batt; follow the
ground wire to the block and remove the
connection; clean with a wire brush the block and
ring terminal on both sides till it is shiny; then
clean the bolt before you put back in place and
tighten, Also you will find several smaller ground
wire connections in the engine compartment; remove
each of these and do the same. Take note that
under the terminal connection on the fender,
firewall and other locations the paint has not
been removed. The only way the wire connects to
ground is by the threads made by the screw holding
the wire terminal in place. Removing the paint
with some 40 grit sandpaper or other similar
method will further improve the ground connection.
Use a small amount of wheel bearing grease on the
connections to prevent moisture and corrosion from
developing in the future.

After you have done these two things you may want
to disconnect the batt negative terminal and clean
the connection there, this should clear any codes
and you will be starting out with a clean slate no
codes. Go to your local parts store and have the
codes read to make sure. Now any codes that set
should be more accurate.

Remember if you don't have a good ground, you
don't have a good electrical circuit.
Good luck to all, I hope this will help solve some
of the problems shared by so many.
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