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05:41:20 - 06/18/2018

V8 Dakotas
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Subject: 05 Dakota 4.7 OverHeating
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2005 Dodge Dakota 4.7L, 181,000 miles. Had a bad
exhaust leak which turned in to discovering a tap
and die bit broke off in one of the cylinder heads
from previous shop repair. After trying to remove
the bit a small hole was punctured in the cylinder
head in order to remove.

Removed the heads and exhaust manifold and sent
off to the machine shop to be fixed. So you know
the repaired a small dime size break or hole in
the top of the passenger side head. Nothing is
under pressure in this part of the head and only
oil gets splashed on top of the valves in this
area. Heads were water pressure tested, repaired
and sent back along with the manifolds were shaved
and matched to the heads.

I also decided at this point since the truck has
181,000 miles on it to go ahead and replace the
timing chains and guides as well along with
several other parts in the general area. Basically
a full top end rebuild.

Now, I should say before I get in to this that for
the longest time I had always had this strange
over heating problem with the truck. It would only
climb when running 80mph and spanking it in the
you know what. You could slow down to 60mph or
stop in traffic and sit for an hour and the gauge
would drop below half. Only driving on the highway
at higher speeds would this thing get hot. This
was before the recent work. Also adding that Dodge
themselves replaced everything back last fall and
got it as good as it was going to get which I was
ok with the needle climbing slightly over the
halfway mark after their work.

Parts - Mopar HD Radiator, Water Pump, Thermostat,
HD Fan Clutch, New Hoses, Everything with the
cooling system.

Now after the new heads and all this work I have a
serious overheating problem. I will also add that
the truck was popping a code post catalytic o2
sensor too lean which we replaced and fixed. This
was an old code even before the head job.

So far I replaced the radiator, added an external
cooling fan in front of the condensor which only
cooled the truck 5 degrees. The truck will run 230
degrees at 3/4 the way up on the gauge. We have
bypassed the heater core with no change, replaced
the radiator cap with new 20lb cap. Added 50/50
coolant, straight coolant, purple ice, etc to NO
resolve. The only thing I haven't replaced is the
thermostat which I just ordered a Jet 180 degree
from Dodge Performance Parts. It seems since I
replaced the radiator with one from 1800 radiators
the problem got worse so I'm going to put the HD
radiator back in tomorrow as the core is larger or
there is more cores in the hd one.

I have consulted several other good mechanics and
everyone says thermostat and or possibly the wrong
gaskets were put on and not observed during
replacement and it could be the water jackets. I
have endured a $2200.00 bill to do all of this and
want to know what else can be done, or am I
missing something? any comments or assistance
would be greatly appreciated.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Marky Mark G
Dodge Dakota


RE: 05 Dakota 4.7 OverHeating
IP: Logged

Fixed? A friend is beyond baffled and has the same issues. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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