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03:12:10 - 08/23/2019

V6 Dakotas
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Subject: Oil Leak
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I have a bone stock '02 Dak, V6/automatic that has a very small oil leak that the local dealer is apparently having difficulty correcting. It's headed back to the shop (under warranty) for the 3rd time in a month tomorrow.

First time in, they couldn't find the leak. Put dye in the oil, and asked that I bring it back after 500 miles.

Went back last week - they found the leak. The dealer said that they first replaced the gasket, but that it still leaked so they put it back up and replaced the pan. He said that they found a hairline crack in the pan. I wouldn't be surprised to find that they over-torqued it, and cracked it themselves. It's unfortunate, but I've had experience with this particular dealer in the past and have never been able to figure out how DCM ranks these turkeys as a 5-star dealership.

It STILL leaks, from the same place. The dealer thinks he got a bad replacement pan, so he's ordered another one and the truck is scheduled back in there tomorrow.

Anybody else had this kind of problem? The leak is at the back of the pan, dead center.

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