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08:59:51 - 06/14/2024

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Subject: Weird cooling problem. Ideas?
IP: Logged

Hi. Rodster here with a 2000 Dakota 3.9 and 186k.
I got it 4 months ago with lots of problems, but a
great price. The engine ran rough with a distinct
miss. After getting it home, number 2 plug was
completely oil fouled. Comp check showed pressures
from 130 to 190 all over the place. Also, the
upper rad hose begins to pressurize as soon as it
it's started, hot or cold. Within 5 minutes of
idle, hose can't be squeezed. Takes over half hour
for pressure to release on it's own. So, I'm
relatively sure that only a combustion leak to the
coolant system can do this, be it head gasket, or
cracked head or block. What is weird is that the
truck does not overheat or run hot. And I drive
like a bat out of hell. It just blew a heater hose
last week and I suspect k-seal weakened the hoses.
It did not seal the compression leak, btw. In
order to understand this better, I have pulled the
ugh wires 1 at a time, stopping and restarting as
well as releasing the coolant cap and checking the
speed at which the pressure. Holds, and it seems
to slow a bit when cyl 1 and 3 were pulled. After
2 months, I repulled #2 plug and not a trace of
oil or fouling of any kind. I'm suspecting the
previous owner's mechanic was a scumbag and pulled
a fast one on the dude, but who knows. The pass
side head gasket was replaced, but not the
driver's side. I'm stumped as to why the coolant
system is pressurizing without the engine
overheating, and why I can't find a definitive
leaking cylinder. Am I missing something? And yes,
I,ve been a prof mechanic most of my life and
never seen this.

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