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06:01:46 - 07/25/2024

V6 Dakotas
Vickie Brock
Dodge Dakota


Subject: Dodge Dakota with 3 inch lift added
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I just bought a 2007 Dodge Dakota and when I test
drove the truck it seemed fine. but when I got
one the freeway the truck did not seem safe. So I
took it in to have a mechanic look at it. Well
needless to say they said I need new lower and
upper ball joints and I was thinking I probable
need shocks also. then I remembered the truck it
lifted 3 inches. My question is what shocks do I
buy that will fit my truck and fix the floating
feeling and very bouncy when going down dirt roads
which I live down or over any uneven area the
truck just seem out of control .. Any suggestions?
please help.

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