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09:31:16 - 12/05/2023

V6 Dakotas
Tavo G Saenz
Dodge Dakota


Subject: 1993 Dakota v6 3.9L E brake dash smoke
IP: Logged

I had an viper alarm system installed at a shop in
my city, that has had relatively negative reviews
as time has progressed. This alarm system came
along with a diagnostic for my radio taking power
from the battery after the truck had been turned
off, both on my 1993 Dodge Dakota 3.9L v6 2wd.
This company messed up the diagnostic job and left
the radio to still be able to take power from the
battery after the truck had been turned off, so I
took it in again and asked for them to fix it and
they did, as I have had no further problems with
the radio in it. Fast forward to a couple days
ago, when I had my truck's driver side brake hose
line tear on me while hauling concrete, I managed
to get the truck to a safe parking space and put
on the E brake, shutting off the motor immediately
afterwards and successfully having a tow truck
take it back home for me. Today, after a friend
and I replaced the drivers side brake hose line I
mentioned above, (use a butane torch to loosen the
fitting, its better than stripping!), we were
bleeding the brake and chose to turn the truck on
to enable the brake booster. At this time, due to
the fact that I had no other brakes to use safely,
I left the E-brake on as opposed to virtually
every other time I had used it where I disabled
the E-brake immediately after starting the engine.
Within 30-45 seconds of starting the engine and
leaving the E-brake on, there was immediately
smoke coming out from underneath my dashboard. MY
QUESTION is whether or not it is possible that the
shop who installed my alarm system could have
improperly spliced an E-brake wire, causing this
smoking reaction? I don't want to keep trying to
start the truck, because now it appears to have
melted a couple of other wires in the harness as
well.... Any comments would be appreciated!

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