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05:09:22 - 01/18/2022

V6 Dakotas
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Subject: 2002 3.9L V6 P0306 Misfire
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Hey guys, last saturday i drove out about 2 hours to buy a dakota. Took a look at it and it looked and drove great.
Checked the OBD2 Codes and there was
P0442 - Evap Emission System Leak (Small Leak)
P0455 - Evap Emission System Leak (Gross Leak / No Flow)

So we thought fine, well check the catch can and hoses. Maybe fuel cap. Truck sat for about a year untouched before we came (or so he sais), So we cleared the codes, paid the guy and drove it 2 hours home mostly highway. Zero problems.

Later that night after it had been parked for a while we started it up and after a bit we got a
P0306 - Cylinder 6 Misfire
Cleared the codes and went to bed. Next morning same code. I changed the distributor cap and rotor, plugs, and plug wires, as well as ran some injector cleaner in the tank. Didnt make a difference, and i would say its idling a bit worse now but i cant tell. Going to tinker tomorrow but anybody have any ideas?

2002 Dodge dakota sport. 4 Door, 3.9L Magnum V6. 285008 KM when i pulled into my driveway bringing it home

I come from a ford family and am getting nothing but tough love from the family, but i need to get this fixed asap, i want to turn this truck into something nice, and im scared to kill the cats or worse

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