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17:51:16 - 01/17/2021

V6 Dakotas
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Subject: 2003, 3.9 V6. Trans and oil problems
IP: Logged

Hey all! I've had my 03 Dak for about
9 months, driven about 10k miles now
to 161,200.
Since I've had it, the OD hasn't
worked, until I got a new battery.
Now it kicks in about 50% of the time
and lowers RPM by 300ish, which
doesn't seem quite right.
Transmission also holds in 2nd-3rd
shifts, usually only when cold, up to
2,800-3,000 unless I let off the
throttle earlier.
Also has an engine code pop up every
150-200 (has went close to 500
without it) miles, P1740. From what
I've read before, transmission
related, TCC solenoid if I remember
Aaaaand it has recently started
whining/whistling shortly before
shifting. I have no idea what that
could be.

As for oil issues, when I changed my
spark plugs about 3/4 weeks ago I
noticed that three of them, the
driver's side, were quite oily at the
base of the threads. Again, no idea
what could cause that and any advice
would be appreciated!

Finally, if it comes to it, what is
an average, reasonable price for a
transmission rebuild? I've been to
one shop, same one I've went to for
5+ years with top-tier service and
prices, and was quoted $1,600. That
feels like way too much.

Thanks in advance for any replies!

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