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02:10:43 - 10/21/2018

V6 Dakotas
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Subject: 2005 Dakota Shift Lever Issue
IP: Logged

So recently my transmission failed and I had to
have it rebuilt.

When the job was done I went to pick the truck
up and the shift lever on the column was so
hard to move that it basically took me two
hands to move out of park. It also felt as if
there were no detentes at the different gears
(PRND21). I also found that when I would pull
the shifter all the way down the dash indicated
that I had shifted into 2nd, meaning that even
when I pulled it all the way down I couldn't
access 1st.

I showed the issue to the shop that rebuilt the
transmission and now they've had the truck for
another week, saying they ordered a shifter
cable I believe (to their credit Charleston,
where I live) was shut down for 4 days due to

Does this sound right? It wasn't like that at
all before the transmission rebuild, should I
expect to have to pay for this repair?

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