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23:44:46 - 04/25/2018

V6 Dakotas
Jeremy Block
Dodge Dakota


Subject: Manual trans broke HELP!
IP: Logged

Hey guys. Just bought my dakota at an
auction. 2001 dakota 4x4 3.9 5 speed Fixed
some broken bolts, changed fluids, plugs
and wires and she runs great. Today, I
was pulling into a coffee stand (for the
wife) turning right the truck lurches hard
and then acts like it has no clutch. I
shut the truck off, get it started in 2nd
gear and limp it home. When I get it home
I have the wife depress the clutch
repeatedly to see if I can see anything
and I find my bellhop sing is cracked and
separated all the way around. I can shift
into every gear but reverse while pushing
the clutch now but what in the heck
happened to my trans?

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