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05:45:38 - 01/24/2019

V6 Dakotas
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Subject: Timming on 1995 V6
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Timming Dodge 1995 Dakota 3.9 Magnum 2w drive

I took off the water pump & the timming cover because of a rattle and car would stall & run rough.

The existing chain had lots of play! See pictures. When I line up the marks the rotor points to #4 plug ? no matter how many times i rotate it.

I was advised to switch the dizzy back to # 1 plug with the marks lined up & cam at 6 o'clock and crank at 12 o'clock. I wanted to see the gears on the dizzy anyway and was woundering why some one would of set it 180 off. Gears are fine and I have the slot dizzy and the slot is set north towards firewall and south towards engine. (Correct)

I tried to start and no luck with the 180 turn back to #1. So i will put it back and start again; then look to turn Cam back to # 1 plug when marks line up. I am guessing that I have been slipping and am 180 off? (Can not be done tried)

Did this thing slip 180 ? No bad teeth?

day 2 can not get rotor to point at # 1 with cam dot at 6 o'clock so I fliped the dizzy again.

the clue here is why was it off in the first place? truck will not start even though dots line up and I point rotor to # 1. Maybe some one can tell me that now I have to take the chain off again and turn the crank 1 full turn because that is all i can think off maybe the whole thing is off 360 or 180?

Dodge Dakota


RE: Timming on 1995 V6
IP: Logged

When you get it to #1 plug it has to be on
compression stroke.

If the chain slipped that far good chance there is
damage, Bent vales damaged pistons.

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