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00:11:39 - 07/24/2024

V6 Dakotas
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Subject: K&N Dyno charts
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K&N now has dyno charts on there site for the
dodge trucks

For my 95 3.9 says 6.78 hp gain

If you can't find a cold air setup for your truck
use same year with 5.2 motor which will actualy
fit your v6 with a little mount modding we do
it all the time

But if you use the 5.2 motor take off 25% so if
it says 10hp gain on your 6 it would be 7.5hp

This is something new on there site

Just as I have found out on dyno runs the cold
air setups add 5 to 7hp on the V6 motors and
10 to 15 torque at the wheels

This small gain may not seam like much but it will
also increase gas mileage around 1 to 2mpg gains
I have seen with all the cold air setups even the
home made ones with a K&N cone filter some PCV
pipe and rubber hub conectors with the cone
out by the front inner fender well they work
great, you caan make one for around $50 the cone
is around $35 to $40 the rest from home depo or
any hardware store around $10 to $15 and you have
the same cold air that works just as well but
a name brand costing $250 or more

This intake setup from summit is well worth the
$90 it cost to get it to your door

I instaled one of these on a customers truck and
he just loved it got a 1.5mpg increase comes with
a straight bore 1" spacer and can be used on any

They claim around a 15hp gain that is a little
high I would say with the spacer straight bore
7 to 10 hp

I made a straight bore spacer matched to my 48mm
F&B and it did help, I tested all the diff
spacers with the spirals and other designes and
they showed no gains or improvements in power
or throttle response but the straight bore did
show better throttle response as it should
increasing the length of the ventury will increase

check them out

with todays gas prices every little bit helps
a 1mpg gain it would pay for itself within a year
saving at the pump

J&J Auto

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