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22:49:32 - 07/21/2024

V6 Dakotas
J and J Auto
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Subject: RE: 3.9 V6 mods
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On the throttle body

92 to 95 egr type must use 92 to 95 V8 body
96 up non egr must use 96 up V8 body

The 5.2 318 and the 5.9 360 both use the same
50mm throttle plate with a 48mm torque step

off idle low end same gains from 1600 to redline
flows 600 to 635 cfm as is do not mod in any
way use your V6 sensors because you know there

may need cable change start and stop motor 3 times
and it will learn new idle 200 miles to get a full
computer learn and be sure youe o2 sensor,s are
good this is what tells the comp there is more
flow and adds more fuel

this is the reason a lot of guys do the swao and
say it runs worse or no change at all if in doubt
get new at the dealer charges like $150
for a sensor you can get from ngk for like $60
same as factory NGK NTK oem replacement no bosch
or universal sensors here

elevation come on here I am at around 1100 feet
above sea level here now if I was at 4000 feet
there is les presure and power will drop on any

yes a wot throttle will also reset the baro and
will work when going up and down thru montians

The old carbed cars from like the 70's 80's had
special options for high elevation operation
like rejeted carbs diff timing specs and even
diff rear end ratios for high elevations because
of the reduced power of the motors

If you plan on towing a lot I would check into
some diff gears the 8.25 most trucks have the
3.55 the 3.91 is better if you tow a lot
and will only increase your rpm by 2 to 300 rpm
also on a lot of the trucks we put the 3.91
gears in they actualy got better gas mileage
because they did not have to work as hard to
get to speed and maintain the speed

the 4.10 however did hurt gas mileage some about
1 to 2 mpg this gear is for the guy who pulls
a 2500 pound trailer every day otherwise the 3.91
is perfict

now someone will say its 3.92 sorrie in the 8.25
rear its a 3.91 not 3.92 which it is in the
bigger rears full size trucks

J&J Auto

Dodge Dakota


RE: 3.9 V6 mods
IP: Logged

Installed my V8 throttle body today. Instead of buing a new throttle cable. I traded the through shafts. It took a little time but it works fine and didn't have to buy a new cable. Yesterday I bought an 3715 superchips off of Ebay. Should get it this week some time. I am going to keep chipping away at all the mods that you suggested Larry. Keep you posted on the results as they happen.

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