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00:04:28 - 04/21/2018

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Subject: Tune up 3.9
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Ok it's that time I have 92K on the truck and it has never had a tune up as long as I have owned it. It's starting to run ruff and the gas mileage is going down the drain only getting 15 miles per gallon use to get 21.

There is no codes yet but I donít want to wait that long.

So my question is what all should I do to it for a good tune up? Here is what I have in mind.

NGK plugs

NGK O2s both unless I donít need to change the rear one

MSD 8.5 weirs might as well use the MSD I want to put the full MSD ignition in it any ways.

Jegs Brass performance Cap and Rotor

PVC valve

180 thermostat

Clean the K&N air filter

Set the throttle position sensor at 7 .75 volts

I just did an oil change and I am running synthetic so no need to do that yet.

I was going to put a V8 throttle body on it but that money is going to have to go towards the tune up. I was thinking about moding out the throttle body that is on it with a dermal and wile I have that off I was going to go ahead and take the intake off and shorten the runners, remove divider, and gasket mach the thing just as it is listed here on the site. I have pics of the intake and throttle body before and after the moding. Any pointer with this part would be much appreciated.

I have already done the crank sensor mod and moved the IAT to the air box and rigged up a ram air setup. (When I get a camera I will take some pics of it and post them).

O! One last thing I was going to change my exhaust tip to make it look pretty and give me a million more horse power.

This I about all I can afford at the moment "I have had the tip for a wile been waiting on better weather to put it on" I just wanted to make sure I was not missing anything important.

Thank you

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