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15:07:29 - 04/19/2021

V6 Dakotas
Ben Wright
Dodge Dakota


Subject: RE: 3.9 liter misfiring and stuttering
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I have a 2001 3.9 liter dakota. I have been a lot of
trouble with my truck. When I come Toma complete
start the rpms drop below 500 and the truck then
shuts off. The motor shakes like crazy at an idle
and when I put the truck in drive it doesn't move
until the motor is over 2500 rpms. I have brand new
cap rotor wires plugs and throttle position sensor.
I have also changed the right upstream o2 sensor and
it all did nothing to change the problem. Amy
suggestions would be amazing thanks

James Payne
Dodge Dakota


RE: 3.9 liter misfiring and stuttering
IP: Logged

I have a 91 dakota with 94000 miles I
squired it as a roof repair had it
towed to my house I noticed oil over
flow gas getting in the oil I changed
oil emmediatly and new tune up all
the old plugs were black it fired
right up ran perfect fit 2 min then
began misfiring & stalling and white
smoke coming out tailpipe I pulled
the new plugs they were all fouled
out out now if my backyard filled up
with black smoke and only one or two
plugs were fouled I would assume I
have ring issues but the fact all
plugs are fouled out and white smoke
tells me it's something else,can
someone please help me figure out my
problem? Thank you

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