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00:32:31 - 07/24/2019

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Subject: 2000 2X4 3.9L Transmission - No Upshift
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71,000 miles on my 2000 Dakota 2X4 Sport with the 3.9L engine.

I'm used to the fact that the tranny needs a minute or so to warm up the fluid when it's started after sitting for a while,
since this past Friday the transmission acts as if the fluid never warms up.

My wife first discovered the problem on the interstate and called me complaining that the truck was "making a lot of noise."

I'm used to 1900 RPM giving me about 55mph. Now at that power, I can barely get 45 mph and after 10 min of driving couldn't the vehicle to upshift and accel the truck past 60 mph. The transmission has always run smoothly - even now, it just won't upshift.

In the past I've experienced the shift lever not seating fully in the D position and popping out into 2 if bumped. With this in mind, I've tried, at lower speeds, manually shifting from D to 2 and back with no effect. In D, the transmission shifts smoothly from 1st into 2nd and back, but won't, after any amount of time or power setting upshift past 2nd.

I let the thing sit for a day and tried again - same story.

Any comments, particularly how much I'm gonna spend to fix this, would be appreciated. I won't have time to drop by and mope at the local MOPAR dealer until the end of the week.

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