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23:10:00 - 07/23/2024

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Subject: Fault Codes 12, 41 & 34
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Original Subject: '90 Dakota Losing Power (motor)

ORIGINAL MESSAGE: (New Message Below)
My Dakota has a V-6 with about 110k miles. Usually runs well. I was driving about 65 mph and it started losing power. It slowed to 30 mph but no faster. It felt like it was struggling to do that. I changed the fuel filter and plugs. After changing the fuel filter it drove fine for about 5 miles and the problem came back, maybe 45 mph top speed. After changing the plugs it drove fine for 5 miles, again, and the problem came back (45 top speed.) The dist-cap, rotor and wires look good. I replaced those about 2 years ago. The check engine light came on twice over the last month but didn't stay on long.

I don't know anything about the codes or how to get them out. I assume I would have to buy a device to do that???

I don't have the money to put it in the shop so I'm looking for low cost diagnoses and fix. Any help on how to go about this or possible problems would be appreciated.

I checked the Fault Codes and they are 12, 41 & 34. If anyone can tell me how these relate to the problem I'm having I would appreciate it.


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RE: Fault Codes 12, 41 & 34
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41** Generator field not
switching properly Open or short in the generator (alternator) field control (regulator) circuit. This indicates a problem with the charging circuit and the fault is set when the battery voltage from the ASD relay falls below 11.75 volts. Wiring, connectors, fuses, and the ASD relay should be checked. A shorted battery cell can also trigger this fault.

34* Speed control circuit or
speed control switch
always low or high An open or short in the speed control vacuum or vent circuits. Speed control switch input above or below normal range

You don't say year of truck ?
Speed sensor ( connection ) may be on tail of transmission or top of rear axle centrepiece.

Voltage problem may be bad ' splice ' in harness
from underhood fusebox back to firewall-=- unwrap
looking for 3 or 4 wires spliced together-=-
check carefully .,. any doubt = redo it.
Also possible - poor " ground " connection
probably in underhood area -=- check , clean
tighten all wire/cable connections to chassis/firewall/fender

Dodge Dakota


RE: Fault Codes 12, 41 & 34
IP: Logged

IT'S FIXED (fingers crossed.) Iíve driven 40 miles with no problems. That's a pretty good indicator.

Here's how it went:
After receiving fault codes 12, 34 & 41 and getting advice I took my truck to AutoZone and they determined my battery to be bad (at no charge and still in the truck.) I installed a new battery and they checked the alternator (at no charge and still in the truck) and it was okay. The truckís running good so far.

Regarding the fault codes:
Code 12; Direct Battery input to PCM disconnected within last 50 ignition key-on cycles. Normal if battery has been disconnected, otherwise check battery power and ground connections.
**Since my battery had not been disconnected this was a strong code to act on.**

Code 34; An open or short in the speed control vacuum or vent circuits. Speed control switch input above or below normal range.
**I donít have cruise control and if there is no cruise control installed on the truck, the computer will interpret this as an open winding and set code 34. Code 34 is normal for my truck.**

Code 41; Open or short in the generator (alternator) field control (regulator) circuit.
**Again pointed to my charging system and battery.**

I really really appreciate everyoneís help and hope that I can return the good will in the future. Thanks to the site builder(s) and Webmaster(s). I also hope these notes help someone else.

Some good sites for fault codes and more:

Thanks again

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