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10:49:26 - 06/06/2020

V6 Dakotas
Dodge Dakota


Subject: Night at the track
IP: Logged

If you've read my other post about my sparkplug problems, then you know my truck isn't running right.

I made my 150 mile trip to visit some friends, and we head out to Cecil County Raceway, in Rising Sun, Maryland. This was my first time to a track, and I was ready to see what my v6 dak could do. I went with a buddy who had a Mustang v6, one with a Jeep Cherokee 5.9 AWD, and another with a Grand Am GTP. I pay the 12 dollars, and pull up behind my buddies mustang. Since my check engine light was on (Misfire in Cylinder 1) I decided to reset the PCM.

I pop the hood, unhook the battery, and turn the key to "on". I then shut the door, and rehook the battery. Then I try the doors, and they are LOCKED. I have a viper alarm system, so when the key is in the "on" position, the doors lock. Of course, my spare key is 3 hours away, and I go on a hunt to find somebody to help me get it unlocked. Slimjim doesn't work (Dodge Dakotas sure do have good door systems), the back middle window wouldn't open...Nothing worked. People were saying how good my door systems were, because there's some plate there apparently that won't let you get at the power locks.

An hour later, I call triple A, and they send somebody out. I go and watch the races...and here's some of the cars I've seen

Dakota R/T RC (exhaust, intake..I asked), 14.8
Dakota sport RC (stock), 15.7
Dodge Viper - 11.3
Dodge Neon SRT-4 13.6
My buddies v6 mustang (chip, exhaust, intake) 15.4
Grand Cherokee 5.9 AWD - 14.8
Grand Am GTP - 14.9

various 10 second cars, bikes going 9 seconds, a couple cars with fires underneath, good time. By the time AAA showed up, the race lanes closed, and I didn't get to race...I'm going again next friday, so I'll post my times. With my P301 fixed (Misfire Cylinder 1)


2002 Dakota Sport 4x4 CC Silver Metallic

Jet Stage 2, CAI, 40 series flowmaster, Intake Manifold modded, 50mm tb, AP3923's, IAT relocated, Crank sensor mod coming this week(nice pictures josh)

heres how
Dodge Dakota


RE: Night at the track
IP: Logged

peel away at the plastic around the outside door handle, slip a coathanger with a small fish-hook bend it and go at it, I get into them real easy that way!
btw the miss fire code may have been temporarily reset BUT the fact remains that you still have the missfire and it would have effected your times

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