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02:44:11 - 05/30/2020

V6 Dakotas
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Subject: 1990 - Starting problems
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I have a 1990, 260,000 miles, V6 Dakota, with starting problems. I have given it a tune up (plugs, wires, distributor cap, and rotors), changed the fuel pump, fuel filter, and fuel regulator. After all of this I had to turn the idle way down (it was idling at just over 2,000 rpms). Now I idle at about 700 rpms in gear and 1000 in park.

My problem is that every now and again when I turn off the engine then try to start again (like getting gas) it will not start. If I wait 15 min it will start like normal, but for that 15 min it only tries and never turns over. Normal is not all that great. I have to turn the key for about 4 seconds to get it to start.

Any ideas on what I should change next? My acceleration also sucks from 40-60, but I do not know if I may be expecting more than it can give.

I am considering replacing my idle speed control motor, but I do not have any strong feeling that this is it.

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