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10:48:57 - 06/06/2020

V6 Dakotas
Steve Calabro
Dodge Dakota


Subject: synthetic? syn. blend?
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my 3.9 has 123k on it, burns no oil, and has great compression. i am goin off roadin this weekend and will be doin an oil change before i go. should i put in some synthetic or something, or just keep usin the high mileage stuff that ive been usin? ive seen the 4x4 syn. blend stuff, should i use that.

also, ive heard that once you use synthetic oil, you cant go back to regular oil or else your motor will blow. is this true? Thanks, Steve

Just Looking
Dodge Dakota


RE: synthetic? syn. blend?
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My recommendation go synthetic... a blend is just that a blend who knows u may only get a 1/16 part synthetic and the rest el cheapo oil

U can switch back and forth anytime with out a problem so try synthetic u have nothing to loose.

The high mileage stuff is just on the thicker side of its rated viscosity and has 10% ester added to help seal swell that btw is also in most sythetics
Stuff thats a true synthetic ...
mobil 1
royal purple
theres others but i cant remember them off the top of my head

stay away from castrol syntec it doesnt lube as good as the ones mentioned above and its not a true synthetic but costs about the same

If u think running a synthetic like mobil 1 is expensive buy it direct
I can get my hands on mobil 1 for $2.92 a quart compared to what my local auto stores were asking $4.99 a quart
the down side to it is i have to buy atleast 12 quarts buying it direct

look it up in the yellow pages u will find lots of oil sellers listed

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