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10:41:58 - 06/06/2020

V6 Dakotas
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Subject: Mods(for what its worth)
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I've been trying mods I found here on this forum for about 4 months now and have settled on a few that made a huge difference on the way my truck('03 Dak.QC, 3.9L, 2wd, auto.) runs.
TPS= tried voltages from .650 to .750, settled on .700 as best.
Home made INSULATED(air hat and all) cai with a K&N cone filter sitting next to the radiator and a hole cut in the rubber flap, hole covered with gutter guard and enough of the flap left to cover the A/C switch, piece of insulated fiber board between the radiator and filter to direct the incomng air to the filter.
Tried a spare iat sensor mounted in the cai about 1 inch downstream from the air hat/tube connection.OK.Then got into trying different resistors plugged into the iat connector and found that a 27k ohm works the best.
Dynamax Superturbo with the tailpipe run straight out under the bumper and a Hedman exhaust tip (with built in resonator to get rid of the cab noise).
180 degree thermostat. Tried a 160 and too cool.
Autolite plugs.
I've run this setup for a little more than 550 miles now and it has made a big difference in the way the truck runs. Pulls strongly right on thru gear changes from a stop where it dogged down at the 1st to 2nd shift with stock setup.
Hard to be sure with so few miles but I believe gas milage is up about 1 mpg.
Not a lot of money, just time invested and well worth it.
Gonna let it run this way for awhile and then try a Fastman or V-8 tb and the timing sensor mod.

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RE: Mods(for what its worth)
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boomer47, Keep the good work and some thing to try: get the Autolite 3923 plugs andg gap them out to .045 and index them (making sure the spark plug gap is at 11:00 to 1:00 oclock) this will help even out each cylinder, also adjust the fuel sync. You will get good results with the fastman or the v8 throttle body. If you go with the v8 tb anything off a 1997-2003 Dakota or Durango or with a 318 or 360 should work. The stock v8 throttle body has 50mm plate with a torque step that reduces it to 48mm, if you go this route you might have to change throttle cable. The fastman should be set up to work with your stock throttle cable, your choice if money is an issue.

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RE: Mods(for what its worth)
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Thanks, Wadak. I already have the plugs in and am glad to hear that the Fastman TB will hook up to the stock cables.
I'll be ordering one soon.

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