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18:52:30 - 11/29/2022

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Subject: bottom grill insert
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Finally!!!! After about 4 months since I put on S.S. Rocker Panles,and upper grill inserts,the bottom inserts came in! I put them on Sunday and they look very cool!!
The install was so easy,and so fast,I was worried I had done something wrong!! Here's how to do it.
1:Remove harness from driving lights.

2:remove 4 bolts on top of bumper(2 each side)

3:remove 4 bolts on bottom(2 each side)

4:slide bumper forward, rotate down and support
about 10" off floor.

5:Push the supplied brackets in the back of the
3 vertical parts of the bottom of the bumper.
(the plastic peice under the bumper)

6:Lay the Stainless Mesh across the opening
(making sure it's even)

7:Tighten down with supplied bolts through the
mesh,and into the brackets.

8:Replace bumper,plug in driving lamps.

9:step back and say OHHHH Yeah!!!!!!!!

The inserts were made by Stull, and aside from the fact it took so long to get the part in,it is a very fine product and looks very good.
I'll post pic's as soon as I can.

Kenneth l Nungesser

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