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09:21:28 - 12/07/2022

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Subject: Console, Steering wheel, center console?
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I have three questions, i am upgrading my interior from a sport level to an slt, and ive got some questions before i keep tearing into my interior::
1. does anybody know if a sport model is wired for cruise control i have the wheel with the cruise but my stock one doesnt. (basically is it a 'plug and play')(ive heard of other vehicles being pre wired except for not coming with the cruise steering wheel)
2. mine didnt come with the overhead console, does anyone know if it is wired for an overhead console's map lights? and to mount it just cut the roofliner and are there mounting holes to fit the bracket the overhead console comes with?
3. Does anyone know if there is a stock center console other then the stock flip down/ bench seat that will fit an automatic with 4x4 because i never use the middle seat and to get rid of it would be awesome.
Thanks for the time and info , email me or post a response thanks again

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