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06:22:32 - 12/07/2021

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Subject: 2" or 3" lift for '95 Dakota 4x4?
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Hi everyone. I've been looking all over the NET for the Trailmaster 3" body lift for a '95 Dakota 4x4 Ext cab w/3.9L V6. I cant find it anywhere and no other brands make a 3" body lift for that year.
I cant spend $1000+ for suspension. I wont be doing any major offroading, just want to beef the looks up a bit.

Do you thing a 2" PA body lift would be high enough for me to put on Eagle 589 15x10 rims, with M/T Baja Claw 31x11.5x15 tires.

The backspace for the rims is 3.63" and offset is 46mm.
I'm thinking I can get it to work with a 2" PA body lift and if I crank my torsion bars 1-1 1/2" and throw some 2" blocks on the rear leafs.

If this idea wont work, would the Tailmaster 3" body liftkit do the job? and if so, where the heck can I find it?
Does anyone know if the PA lift comes with bumper brackets? The kits for the newer Daks all say they have brackets, but none of the sites say if the 91-96 kit does too.

Thanks for your time,

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