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18:59:25 - 07/13/2024

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Stan Adamko
Dodge Dakota


Subject: Axle problems after installing a 3" leve
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Can anyone help me, I installed a 3 inch leveling kit on my
2006 dakota 4wd automatic transmission. I then noticed a
vibration when I accelerate, yet I was able to drive highway
speeds.I was told by the people who I purchased the kit (all
roads)from that it may be due to my high mileage (125,000)
and the axles may need replacing. I took it to my mechanic
and I noticed grease splatter on the differential end of the right
side axle only. So I had both axles changed. The mechanic
took it for its maiden voyage and it came back shortly with a
blown out right axle again, grease splatter on the differential
end, but this time it is virtually undriveable as it vibrates around
20 mph now. Anyone know what the problem is and what is
the fix for this problem? I have the truck at a shop now that
does 4 wheelers trying to figure out this mystery, and there
was talk of putting it back to stock, I just alot of money and I
don't want a "stock" looking truck to show for it. Any input will
be appreciated.

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