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22:55:25 - 09/20/2020

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Subject: You wouldn't Believe this!!!!!!!
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A friend and I went wheeling today in the snow. I took the dak out for the 1st time witht the lift and xterrains. 1st off the xterrains are great. They were awesome in the snow. Did much better than my friends swampers. Anyway, after about 1 hour of driving on snowy log roads we decided to turn around. My friend yells to me to stop on the cb. He had just run over one of my body lift blocks. I get out and the second block from the back on the drivers cab was gone and he was holding it in his hand. The bolts were gone. I then checked the rest. All were fine and tight except the same block on the passenger side. The screw was gone and the block was resting in place. I took it out and kept going. I didn't have any problems the rest of the day. It has been a week since I did the lift. Just yesterday I checked all the bolts and they were all still torqued to 55 pounds. Tommorow Im going to use the two extra bolts I have and put them back on. With LOTS OF TREADLOCK. It was a crazy day. But, what is new, it's offroading. Luckily it was those two blocks that came off. They didn't do much to begin with unless you have a load in the bed.
Well talk to you all soon. I will have pics of the offroading soon.
Corey Coad

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RE: You wouldn't Believe this!!!!!!!
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Well *note to self: use LocTight*

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RE: You wouldn't Believe this!!!!!!!
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the way i look at things... if nothing (like this) happens to you, you won't have any stories to tell! =)

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