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08:06:04 - 12/07/2021

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Subject: Whats the difference??
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Does anyone know what the difference is between the Rancho lift kit stock # rs659x and rs6590? I think the difference is in the shocks but I'm not sure. The sites I've been looking at didn't have that great of descriptions beyond the stock #'s. I found a pretty good price for the rs659x at $1199 but I didn't know if it included shocks or not...

Any help help would be appreciated....

And also, I almost ready to order my Rancho kit, as soon as I find the best deal. I am planning on installing the kit myself at my dad's garage (**keeping fingers crossed for luck**). I was wondering if anyone had any quick tips or things to watch out for while I'm installing it. Little unexpected things that you may have run in to that no one warned you about.

Also, I'm concerned about and modifications or alterations I may need to do to my truck to get this lift on. My dad is a retired Mopar mechanic and has every tool under the sun, but he does not have a torch set or a welder, so if there are a lot of modifications I may be in trouble....

Thanks for any help !!!


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