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02:48:15 - 10/20/2019

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Subject: RE: Project 2.5 liter turbo...
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1st off, im sorry the way i came off...i typed that pretty quick when i was on my way out... you are right.. it may or may not work.

well, no doubt you can have a 4banger and put 16lbs of boost to it, and drive it daily. but it would take a toll on parts. you can also take a V8, run a lot less boost, and still have a 450hp daily driver, that would last longer.

i know that you would replace the head bolts with studs, but what i was reffering to was, on the magnum V6' and V8's, there are only 6 bolts on the V6's and 8 bolts on the V8's (per head) the common problem is, when only running that many bolts, a lot of people have problem's blowing gaskets.

BTW, cool pics!

Single cam, non-VTEC

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RE: Project 2.5 liter turbo...
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Thats the reason I only come to this forum for old troubleshooting threads. Theres no laws here... None. Hey Travis good luck on the 4 cyclinder dak. I hope it works out and keep us posted on I dont have a 4 cyclinder but I know there pain having a v6. Not trying to bring this forum down any further, but it really is alot greener on the other side. Have a safe day and enjoy your trucks guys... Jonque'

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RE: Project 2.5 liter turbo...
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I have a 2.5 l dak sport and i want to beef it up .it is all stock right problem is that there are not that maney items for a 2.5 what can u suggest. any help would be greatful

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RE: Project 2.5 liter turbo...
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I have a 1984 dodge rampage . It is a car- truck thing ! It came
with a 2.2 engine . But in 2001 someone in California found a
Chrysler Daytonia C/S with a 2.5 turbo . A shop had to have
done it , the sticker with information is still there . Many things
were added , 3 inch exhaust , fuel controller larger injectors
and many other things he named off . I bought the car from a
guy in New Mexico . When I got it I had to take it for a spin .
Oh My ! This thing done 0-60 in 3.8 seconds on a stop watch .
I began doing little things to it my self . It spun the wheels so
bad I had to get Bridgestone R-11's to try and hook it up . It
still spins in gears 1-3 with a little bark in 4th . It is running
almost 18 psi boost .I Throwed the water pump belt and
heated the head gasket . This seems to be common with the
2.5 Chrysler . Going to look for a copper gasket for it now ! I
have pulled the head with the intake , exhaust manifold and
turbo all at once . Seems I just blowed the gasket . Going to
have the head checked for cracks . If it is ok , I am going to
port the heads and maybe up the boost a little . This thing gets
your blood boiling quick with excitement . If you want fun , find
a rampage and drop a Chrysler Daytona IROC 2.5 turbo motor
or a Shelby 2.5 turbo motor or a Daytona C/S 2.5 turbo motor
with a 5 speed heavy duty transmission in it . Heck you can
get 40 mpg out of it if you can keep you foot out of the gas
pedal . This thing has the best of both worlds . Then let the fun
begin . Heck this thing is a miniature Hellcat ! Because I can't
hook it up , 0-60 time is hard to tell you what it is now , even
on drag street radials . But she is still kicking butt ! The
rampage has only 85 on the odometer . I destroy that in 3rd
gear running about 90 in a little less than an 1/8 mile . For
those wondering if that is spining speed , nope ! I can tell once
I let off it the gas pedal . Find a 2.5 Chrysler daytona turbo
motor built from 1989 and up . The lower 80s had some
problems and didn't make as much HP and torque . I found
Chrysler always pushed their motors with a little more HP than
the dodge or Plymouth motors . The rich paying more for a
Chrysler expected a little better performance than the sister
cars . There was also a dodge spirit and dodge Daytona that
had the 2.5 . Remember Chrysler measures their HP at the
wheels which means at the motor you have about 25 HP more

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